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The Power of Positive Thanking #Gratitude

Posted on the 29 January 2015 by Vidyasury @vidyasury

Life is all about appreciating and celebrating the little things. When we're present and savor every moment, everything looks wonderful. Much has happened since our last Gratitude Circle link up. Every day brings happiness and smiles. Let me share some of my most recent "gifts" today!


... for the gentle nurse who's a pro at drawing blood. No she's not a vampire. Yes, I was due for my follow up blood tests, which meant a trip to the lab first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and then, again, two hours after breakfast for the post prandial blood draw.

The first trip was a dream. When I went the second time, I couldn't spot her but didn't worry. However, the attending nurse ended up doing target practice on my arm until I freaked out and asked her to stop. Don't laugh, people - being poked constantly with a needle is painful - it hurts. I patiently (ha, pun!) waited for the morning nurse who had apparently only gone to have her breakfast and when she turned up, it was all smooth sailing, and I returned home a happy person.

The fresh cherry on the sugar-free cake? I seem to have manifested the desired results - which meant my trip to the doctor a couple of days later was also a pleasant one - she was pleased with how I am doing. Yay! me for showing my diabetes who's boss!

The Power of Positive Thanking #GratitudeWhich brings me to gratitude for...

Abundant produce/veggies - Where I live, I am lucky to have farm fresh vegetables sold by vendors at every street corner. They set up shop around 10 am and clear up at 7-ish. I can choose to buy daily (foolish of me) or twice a week (clever!). These people grow the veggies on their land and come to the city to sell. As I said, lucky for us.


Rotis - I am delighted to have found a wonderful source for a variety of home made rotis. Yes, I love to cook, but on days when my work schedule is tight, I have to prioritize and also make sure I eat healthy. On those days, I intend to make a quick trip to this place to stock up on rotis for the day.

The Power of Positive Thanking #Gratitude


...for the generous Dr. Judy Yaron who blogs at Cut the Crap Solutions (love that blog title!) and is redoing her website - and refining her business. She'll be featuring a collection of practical writing tips from content writers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, course creators and those who simply write for their own personal pleasure along with a directory of all the contributors and their businesses. I am honored to be invited to contribute. I'll be placing a link to the compiled writing tips on her site when it goes live, here in my sidebar so all of us can benefit from this growing resource. Thank you, Judy!


... for Sarah Arrow who invited me to be a contributor to her Birds On The Blog website. I'll be posting there every Monday. My first post - a book review - is up.

Sarah is the mastermind behind the extremely successful 30 day blogging challenge. I participated in October last year and as part of her Facebook community, I met some fabulous bloggers. If you are interested in growing your blog, I urge you to sign up for Sarah's 30 day blogging challenge. Boost your blog, grow your writing muscle and find out what truly connects with your readers. In just 30 days! She supports you with daily emails filled with a wealth of tips you can put to use right away. Did I say it was free? It is!

The Power of Positive Thanking #Gratitude


... for clients who have been good to me this past month. It means my girls at the welfare home will be happier.

... for my camera - I cannot even imagine not taking pictures all the time!

The list is endless you know. Last week I enjoyed a lovely long phone call with my friend Freya. The sugar-free icing on the cake? We're meeting up tomorrow!

An announcement!

My friend Vironika Tugaleva (author of The Love Mindset) is offering a 30-day self-love challenge starting February 1. It's time to transform your relationship with yourself, make new friends, and make a difference in the world all at the same time.

Come join us for the February 30 Day Self-Love Challenge. Sign up here Join the Facebook Group

What are you grateful for, today?

I'd love to have you join the Gratitude Circle blog hop with Corinne and me!

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The Power of Positive Thanking #Gratitude

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