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The Rocky Road…

Posted on the 13 March 2018 by Redneckprincess @RdNeckPrincess

Today is day two of the Whole30 for me. Follow the link if you don’t know what’s involved. It parallels quitting smoking, drinking or crack. In other words, if you walk by me with ice cream in your hand, you may be going down and losing said ice cream.

The ridiculous thing is, I don’t even remember that last time I ate ice cream. But I want what I can’t have. Obviously.

I have done this program three times now. I know that once I get past the first week it will be easy peasy. People won’t have to die and the cravings for things I never eat anyway will pass, and hopefully the muffin top that I have been battling off and on for about 6 years now will be a thing of the past. It’s more about habit than anything, and we all know that anything worth doing is never easy.

Like this blog post.

So my patience level at this point in the program is pretty much at an all time low. Everything pisses me off. I am grumpy. Owned. If I had the choice I would just stay home and not subject the rest of the world to my cowness. But unfortunately that isn’t the case. Yesterday everything made me an asshole. Grumpy old men…ugh. Thank god I am single. Changing our debit machine at work…ugh. Nothing got thrown…small miracle, probably.

This blog post…

My computer has been acting up for ages now. I don’t use it very much anymore and have just put off taking it in to someone to fix. The battery is pretty much non existent, and the lag makes me want to stab my eye out with a spoon. As I started the post my computer just shut down. For no reason in the middle of my second paragraph. Seriously? What the what…

Get up, get another coffee with coconut milk all frothy and delicious while it reboots for 20 fucking minutes. And make vow that today is the day that this bitch is going to the computer doctor to get a prognosis on whether or not a new computer is in my future.

The timing sucks. I just bought a new couch and coffee table…oh and I went into an amazing furniture store we have here because I needed coasters for my new table. That’s right I was going to buy a set of coasters. I bought a new shelf for my tv. Not a cheap shelf either…but I had 500 reasons why it was a good idea.

And honestly, my house and everything in it, makes me so happy I could bust. So there’s that. Spending my kids inheritance doesn’t feel as bad as it maybe should. Well to me anyway. I am sure the kids will have a different take on that.

I promised myself after last weeks splurging that I would behave myself and not buy anything but food until I can catch up to myself again. Phhhfttt…

Funny stuff right there.

I might need to get two more jobs.

Or a sugar daddy.

Or some self control.

Not one of those things appeal to me at this point.

And that’s okay.

I’m just gonna roll with the wave and not try to direct it where I think it should go, because that always backfires on me in gigantic ways.

I am going to focus on everything fucking awesome. Which basically is my whole life other than a few days of readjustment. I look forward to posting my next post on a newly fixed computer. Or possibly my phone…

It doesn’t really matter. There are so many bigger things.

Like being healthy, happy and comfortable in my own skin. In my own life. All of which I am so good with, or in the process of working towards.

Now if only I could put out of my mind the awesomeness of Rocky Road Ice Cream.

It’s only a month.

And you know that the lesson in self control is only going to be good for me at this point.

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