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The Role of Men and Women in the Society

Posted on the 01 August 2014 by Seycil @seycilcorner
Anthropologists tell us that for a society to remain stable the role of men and women must be property differentiated and well defined. In primitive societies, the men ere assigned the role of going out to hunt and fish and to fight off the hostile tribe next door while the women did the house keeping and mudded the children. The men were believed to be superior to the women in physical strength and intellectual capability. There was no controversy in there societies as to what the roles of the sexes should be. Consequently, primitive societies enjoyed great stability. However, with the advancement of civilization many of the special privileges traditionally enjoyed by men began to be Erode one after another. There is hardly any sphere of human endeavour in which women have not gained a firm foothold; there are women doctors, engineers, pilot, prime ministers, judges, bankers and so on. Today, the women's sphere of operation are no longer restricted to the home, she is successfully competing with are development been an unqualified blessing to society. ? To answer this question, let us examine some of the problems created in the process of achieving women’s emancipation. First a large numbers of women, including married women and mother now take up paid employment. The condition attached for such employment make it extremely difficult if not impossible for them to take adequate care of their children and their home. Since no one can serve two masters, the health and education of the children suffer. Again, in some cultures, any arrangement whereby domestic tasks are evenly shared between a wife and her husband would never be acceptable to the husband’s extended family. A mother who comes to visit her son and found him washing dishes while his wife is cooking the meal us likely to accuse the wife of turning the husband into a houseboy. This usually marks the beginning of friction between the wife and her husband’s extended family. Then, there have been instances of a couple working in the same establishment where the wife eventually rise to become the boss. The fact that the wife is more successful than her husband create such strong tensions as may lead to break-up of the marriage. Again, consider the case of a wife who is appointed a minister of state while her husband is a mere executive officer. A similar fate is likely to befall their marriage. Finally, although women bosses generally have prove to be no less confidence than their male counterparts. They are often resented by many of their male subordinates. These are people who hate taking directive from a woman, because of their lingering belief that a woman’s place is under a man and not the other way round. Any female workers have also been observed to resent female bosses. The usual result of all this lowering of morale and consequently of productivity in such work places.

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