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the Sheltering Sky

Posted on the 21 November 2012 by Agnes

"It was often on trips that he thought most clearly, and made the decisions that he could not reach when he was stationary.” 

{:Paul Bowles, The Sheltering Sky:}

the sheltering sky
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. 

I think I'll do myself a favor and follow my wise friend Lucky's advice and eat myself into a food coma like everyone should every Thanksgiving. 

It's been a long year and I have to admit I am tired. 

e, n, apostrophy, s
Those of you down here in Florida, let's hope the weather stays like this! Wasn't that fog the other day out of this world?

Weird how just a week or so ago Starbucks looked like this and now it looks like this: 

starbucks thanksgiving blend starbucks christmas blend
I guess it's officially Christmas time again then…  Well, have a great thanksgiving weekend everyone, 

hope you enjoy all the food, all the company and all of everything you get to do.


Until next time,


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