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The Statue of Liberty

Posted on the 16 January 2013 by Blogbee @blogbee_

The state of liberty here below is the portrayal of a human being who had been a mere statue all through his life bearing the inflictions of time.  We have among us several individuals who silently undergo the wrath of time still suffer silently.  Such individuals are no less to a statue made out of stone which is perennially subject to the tantrums of nature, humans and every other vandalism.  The end, however, has been a blessing to the statue as the God Himself took pity on the stoned individual and placed him in the state of life and true happiness.  The individual is called statue of liberty for the very reason that he never objected to the vandalism of time and gave full freedom to time to play with him.  Further, he has also been blessed by Him [considering the beauty of long endurance] at the end liberating him from the decades of crucifixion.

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The Statue of Liberty

There is a statue of liberty with life and feelings
The statue changing its directions to different latitudes and longitudes
The statue changing its feelings to varied attitudes
The statue humbled by its own principles and prescriptions
The statue that got defaced by the innocents and wicked alike
The statue that ignored the never-ending cracks and scratches
The statue that never bled its injury or never shed its tears
The statue that spread its knowledge and love
Days rolled out into months and years
Decades passed.  The statue remained reticent ever
Bearing the tantrums of fate
There came a day when the God Himself took a glimpse at the statue’s beauty
His benevolence overflowed and down poured onto the statue
In the form of a Divine Healer
The Healer who touched the soul of the statue that never could expect to be there
Spring dawn on to its life, it lost its bruises, the injuries disappeared, the trauma vanished
It bathed in the divine beams of the Healer
Life flourished, love sprouted, revelations came in being
The statue is no more visible now
There in its place a blessed soul enjoying its luck, with full life ahead

Hail the Healer the Almighty

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