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The Story of Cats…

Posted on the 06 March 2018 by Redneckprincess @RdNeckPrincess

Once again…it has been two million years since I have posted anything. I’m sorry. And I’m not sorry. I have moments when I miss writing like a limb fell off…and then life side tracks me and it just doesn’t happen and the funny story I had vanishes like a big smoke show in a hurricane.

It’s just who I’ve become. I can’t commit. To anything. It took me a year to make up my mind to finally buy a new couch and coffee table. And that was something that was actually a no brainer and I should NOT have waited so long to do. They arrive Thursday. Yay!! The other thing is that my life is pretty bloody amazing right now. I am happy and content and commitment to anything just sort of feels like it’s gonna mess that shit up.

There are no new boys, no dating at all that I am aware of, and I am fairly sober these days so I am sure I’m not just blacking out and missing out on the dysfunction that dating always turns into.

I no longer have the commitment of my wee dog, as my parents have blatantly stolen him and are giving him the life of a puppy king. He rules their world and they adore him. I could hardly fight it. I have strict visitation rights that do NOT include said dog leaving their property.

The only responsibility I have is the cats.

Anyone that knows me, knows my black cat (meow meow) is a freaking psycho. That has not changed. She went slightly more demented when Odie was abducted by the parental units. Enter Kali. Queen of the kitties. When I got her she was terrified of everything. She was abandoned in the ferry terminal parking lot, and soon after the Universe sent her to me. We have made great strides forward and she is fat and happy, most days she fights back when the black ninja picks on her.

So you see…I haven’t got much to bitch about. I had the brief thought yesterday that if I signed up for some online dating again I would surely have some more funny blog fodder…and then I smacked myself in the head and decided against it. Because what the hell was I even thinking…

Spring is coming, summer concerts are in the works and you know that will rev things up in this tiny corner of the world. I just have no idea whether or not I’ll find time to put it all down in words. I’ll try. There are always blog posts in my head. But this commitment thing…I just can’t right now.

And it feels pretty bloody good and guilt free.

So I’ll see ya when I see ya!! Cheers babes! xoxo

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