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The Thankful Post

Posted on the 31 October 2016 by Sani09 @sani09
Remember how I promised to myself and my readers that I’d blog about nice strangers/people I meet or incidences I can be thankful for, and I totally broke my promise, the shameful lazy blogger that I am?So, as a compensation to the entire year that went by without a single thankful post of mine, here I jot down the names of some people I could say thanks to but I didn’t,  being childish and too embarrassed to say it out loud, while putting the limelight only on my Euro Trip, and not life, in general. As/if you read this, also please acknowledge the fact that it is extremely difficult for me to write something so personal on a blogpost, which I was also discussing with my writer-friend Utakarsh a few days back that it requires us to be a lot more mature, honest and accepting of ourselves than we would like to be. And although, I am a person honest to myself and to writing, this is the highest level of honest I can be on my blog in terms of disclosing details. So, if you have any doubts why you’re mentioned here, you can just PM me on Facebook for further details. This is, of course, very embarrassing to me, so please go easy on the PMs. :-P1.   Kishore Pisapati – The Beacon. I have probably contacted him infinite times with my silly questions, going to the extent of calling him during his office hours. However, unlike others, he never showed an inch of frustration or busyness when providing answers to my queries. (That’s because sometimes we go to great lengths to help others but also make it a point to show them that we’re doing a favour for them – Kishore didn’t) And for this, you, dear senior, deserve the first place in this blogpost.
2.   Rithika Baruah – Pretty Obvious. Of course, I am thankful for all the love and pampering and shower of goodies and money (hell yeah :-P) from you. But dear, you would never believe it, but I am thankful that you were completely honest in pointing out some very crucial flaws of mine. Later when I was studying some psychological concepts for Behavioural Corporate Finance course, I finally understood why you were totally right. I believe, I have learned from some of my mistakes. And maybe, just maybe, I will be a wiser person when I return. And if I don’t, we shall refer to this blogpost again.
3.   Robin Singla and Pranshu Gupta – The Godfathers. If anyone of the duo reads this post they are going to have a hell of a laugh. However, risking their laughter, and hoping I don’t see them again so that they don’t make fun of this post, I believe it is required that I thank them for being extremely patient with me and my silly mistakes and mood swings. And also because even now, when I am hungry and European food can’t satiate me, I miss the Robin-made bread-poha and Pranshu-made rice and daal. The dishes weren’t made the typical way they should be, but they were probably made at the best time in the best way they could be. I’d also thank them because of being in their company I could go hiking without much worrying. I often felt like they have adopted me as they had to do all the planning, and I needed not to worry a bit; and hence, they became “the Godfathers”. But of course, they would prefer cooler names, but you don’t always get what you want, right?
4.   Dhara Barbaria – A Talk to Remember. Would you please let me know when it is your birthday for I would love to write a long personal letter to you? My Slovenia trip was more than successful because we spent a sleepless night talking – my idea of the best way to know someone. You have no idea how much I love conversations, or maybe you do, and being awake the entire night till the early morning is the best way conversations happen. I am more than thankful to you for your company.
5.   Vinay Kumar – The Reminder. The first one to remind me of my public broken promise on my blogpost.  Thank you for being an influence in writing this. I also felt as if he is the only one who reads my blogposts.
6.   Utakarsh Jayant – The Host. Probably the award for the best host should go to this guy. I am the 11th MDI student to drop by at his place, leave my luggage and use his apartment to my heart’s will. But it’s not only about the facilities he offered but also about how warm his welcome was. Maybe because we both are writers or maybe because he is so honest and fun at the same time or maybe just because we are friends, he somewhat makes me feel comfortable while talking to him. And hence, I am thankful that we are friends.
7.   Sowmya Pandey – The Inspiration. The dinner you made was absolutely delicious and I couldn’t stop myself from taking another serving of the Pasta you cooked. Also, you should know that you inspire me as a person for many reasons –some I have mentioned, some I’d take to my grave.
So this is getting embarrassing and I don’t think I can elaborate anymore.  So I briefly mention a few more names.
8.   I want to thank Naveen, Nishant and Aditya for the coffee in Berlin just when I needed it.9.   I am thankful to Jasmina for she cared so much about the wound on my hand and volunteered to help. 10.   Gautam Bindlish for being super nice to me whenever we meet because it surprises me, always. :-P 11.   Govinda Bhuwalka and Sarin Babu for replying to my texts in time and hence, saving my ass with your favours.
12. Akshat, Aiswarjya and Sambhav - They have almost relieved me of my #NoPhoneNoPhotos worry and thanks to them, And they have actually taken some pain in helping me out. I hope I can avail the insurance of my spoiled phone pretty soon. Fingers crossed.
13. Nishant and Nitish - They totally helped me in catching the last train from Copenhagen to Berlin, not only with the luggage but also with the coffee on the way.
Phew! Now that the difficult part is done, I am wondering whether I should post this or not, and if I post this, whether I should tag the persons I mentioned or not. I am pretty sure Vatsal would surely have something sarcastic to say about this.
 But above all, I am pretty much surprised to see That if saying thank you can be so difficult, How difficult would saying sorry be?

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