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The Wonderful World of Curry Leaf Gardening: A Green Adventure

Posted on the 25 September 2023 by Realityarts @realityarts

Welcome to the Creative Garden! Today, I'm thrilled to share the story of my amazing Curry Leaf tree that is growing in my food forest. You can check out the video below.

I originally brought a small Curry Leaf plant, and it's grown into a thriving tree that can grow up to 20 feet, whilst I don't want mine growing that tall here are a few things I noted:
1. The Unexpected pests
When I first got my Curry Leaf plant, it was a tiny sapling. I currently face some challenges when it flowers and it gets attacked by the small black fly which then attracts the ants, they have this symbiotic relationship.
I had to make the difficult decision to trim it back quite hard and wondered how it would respond. To my amazement, it bounced back stronger and healthier than ever.
2. A Bounty of Seeds and Saplings
Once the Curry Leaf tree blooms and produces flowers, it also starts to produce seeds. These seeds are not only edible but also give rise to an army of tiny Curry Leaf saplings. I discovered several mini plants surrounding the mother tree! They all sprouted from the fallen seeds.

Some have even grown into sturdy young plants that I've carefully transplanted to different parts of my garden. However, propagating these saplings from seeds or cuttings requires a delicate touch, as they don't like to be disturbed.
3. Cooking
The Curry Leaf tree is native to India and is also found in Australia, Barbados and other places around the world. It's known for its aromatic leaves that are widely used in Indian cuisine, adding that unique flavor to curries and other dishes. I often use the leaves in cooking, especially stews and soups, it adds a lovely flavor to the dishes.
4. Gardening Hacks: Pest Control and Bird Partnerships
In the world of organic gardening, pest control can be a challenge. One of the most effective ways I have found to keep pests at bay is by attracting birds to my garden and other garden friends to help - such as the lizards, frogs and toads. There are also a number of natural ways that you can deter pests in your garden such as Neem Oil, picking the pests off by hand, soapy water and other solutions depending on the pests.

The Wonderful World of Curry Leaf Gardening: A Green Adventure

5. Future Plans and Maintenance
As my Curry Leaf tree continues to thrive, I have plans to shape it so that it can stay at a manageable height, around six feet or so, to ensure easy harvesting of the leaves. Pruning and occasional spraying with neem oil will help maintain its health and shape. Additionally, I'll be relocating some of the young saplings to better spots in the garden.

The Wonderful World of Curry Leaf Gardening: A Green Adventure

That said some great tips for the Curry leaf plant. If it is not something that you are able to grow, think about how being out in your garden space or outdoors positively impacts on your health and well-being. Here are a few reasons to spend time in the outdoors:

Here are some Benefits of Gardening on Health

Gardening isn't just about growing plants; it also has health benefits as well:
1. Stress Reduction: Gardening provides a calming environment that can reduce stress levels.
2. Physical Exercise: Tending to your garden involves physical activity, helping you stay active and fit.
3. Fresh Air and Vitamin D: Spending time outdoors exposes you to fresh air and sunlight, essential for good health.
4. Mental Wellbeing: Gardening can improve your mood, reduce symptoms of depression, and boost overall mental wellbeing.
5. Healthy Eating: Growing your own fruits and vegetables encourages a healthier diet, rich in fresh, organic produce.

My Curry Leaf tree has been a great addition to my garden. If you have any questions or want to share your gardening experiences, please leave a comment below. Let's grow together!
Until next time, happy gardening!

The Wonderful World of Curry Leaf Gardening: A Green Adventure

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