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The Wrath of the Mommy-Bloggers

Posted on the 04 March 2012 by A Girl In Converse @_girlinconverse
Let me start by saying, Editions by AOL is a great app. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys keeping up on news, current events, and lifestyle pieces. The app creates a custom newspaper for you based on your interests. It pulls articles from an array of media outlets -- which how I came across the Mommy-Bloggers.
Mommy-blogs are a phenomena where mothers blog about parenting tips, recent news involving parenting, and basically anything. Some websites are and, but a Google search will provide you with over 6 million hits. Specifically, some topics I've read about are breastfeeding, cruel and unusual punishment of teens, and celebrity baby weight issues.
Now, you may be wondering why my interests include anything "mommy"-involved, since I'm not in the stage of my life where kids are even a thought (well, I can't say I never think about it... but you know what I mean). My "newspaper" includes a section on family, though, so these articles are included many times.
The Wrath of the Mommy-BloggersWell, if you've never visited a mommy-blogging site, you should. It is pure enjoyment. Admit it, seeing other people's online drama is one of the greatest perks of Facebook. (Is that only me?) Take that excitement, and multiply it by 100. The mommy-bloggers are very opinionated, and reading the comments under the articles are even better than YouTube comments. I've seen these women fight about anything from buying breast milk off the internet to letting your child drink decaf coffee.
One day, maybe I'll find these websites helpful -- but for now, it's just a form of entertainment for me. Most of the people posting seem like over-protective super mothers, and I pray for their offspring. These women are unfortunately feeding into the old-fashioned perfect-mother and housewife stereotype. Although some article do discuss balancing work and family, their obsession with what they should feed their kids and how to be a perfect parent makes it hard for me to believe they get anything productive done at work. This kind of obsession seems to lead you to do dangerous things -- even throwing babies across the room as a form of "yoga." I think we should come together and stop this nonsense; these kids are headed down a dark road if their mom's don't find a life outside of them. I just hope I don't turn into a crazy mother some day.
What do you think about the mommy-bloggers?

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