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There and Back Again

Posted on the 04 April 2014 by Meghana Varala
Born in a village(now a town) near my maternal grandmother's home, I opened my eyes for the first time in this world to the sound of a tiny waterfall from a check-dam in front of the missionary hospital. I was soon taken to a city where my parents resided even before I turned 10, not years but days. Little did I know that my birth place would pull me back to its heart.
That city is the first place on earth that I saw with my conscious mind and not just eyes. Three forth of it being surrounded by dense forest and diverse animal habitation, its not the one that attracted me with its greenery. Probably because of the brutal ignorance of busy city people towards the nature or the tender age I was in to admire it. Nature! If you had asked me what nature is at that time, I would have told you 'a pot, small plant, green leaves and yellow roses' in front of our apartment in fourth floor. Nothing more. It is the first plant I planted and took care of everyday. It was my personal possession and I never let anyone touch its beautiful roses. My mom's exotic croutons hardly ever caught my attention.
There and back again
I was just ten when my mother had to join as a government teacher in my birth-town near her native place. I was excited, naturally. My granny's place meant a huge mango tree for which I had no restrictions to climb or pluck fruits and delicious fresh fish curry she made twice a week when I was around. I loved both. I had no idea how my perception crashed within few days of being there.I would unabashedly say that it was not as amusing as I thought it would be. No parks, no bakeries, no entertainment, different kind of schools and what not. Though the same language my accent was quite different which the locals found funny enough to giggle on my face. I was also subjected to raised eyebrows for wearing sleeveless clothes. I couldn't understand anything, like any other 10 or 11 year old. All I knew was an uneasiness engulfing me for something sort of 'supposedly-would-not-be-entertained' by the people. I hated that feeling and the people.
Time solves everything and everyone. Like a chameleon changing colours I began to absorb the color of my birthplace. A stream of Krishna river pushing its way through the middle of the town towards bay of Bengal, fresh breeze of wafting rice-stems, pleasant chirping of birds- suddenly everything seemed to be beautiful. Class rooms were partly open with adequate ventilation and huge trees along the lane. It felt like learning in the ancient gurukulas. We used to go cycling crossing fields and occasionally robing mangoes, gooseberries and tamarinds on the way. Sometimes being caught doing so and escaping with a pace of Usain Bolt. I couldn't ask for more.

There and back again

manduva house we are staying in now

But god has been kind to me in that matter. He wanted to give more in spite of me being satisfied. Situations so came that we had to shift to even more rural place. My parents who always had an inclination for nature, were more than happy to relive their childhood. Unlike people of metropolis who hardly know their neighbours these villagers cared for each other. They share vegetables grown in their gardens, help each other in big occasions like marriages and have good rapport with everyone. Of course gossip aunties are common everywhere regardless of a city or a village.

There and back again


There and back again


Now we stay in a manduva house which is always cool like naturally air-conditioned even in scorching summers. I have already posted pictures of the kind of vegetables grown at houses here. Plantations of grapes and pine-apple are also prevalent which surprise me. With temperatures ranging 35-45 degrees Celsius in summer and humid coast climate, its impossible to grow grapes and pine-apples. But they do it.
No sound pollution, no dust and smoke and no traffic. I love countryside all the more because of these three things.

There and back again

grapes at my house

There and back again

raw pine apple

Sometimes I go for morning walks specially to watch the variety of birds. It simply gives me so much joy. After a sanctuary it is here that I saw so many birds. They are adorable and free.

There and back again

love in the air

There and back again

this bird has yellow,grey and red patterns

There and back again


I have been there in the hustle and bustle of the city to comparatively serene towns and back again to the simple joys of village. Unlike the natural evolution from village to a town and then to a city. I had it all.
P.S : Owing to slow connection I couldn't upload all images. You have the privilege to take a look at  my flickr for more pictures.Thanks for stopping by....would be glad to know your views in comments...:)

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