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Posted on the 14 February 2019 by Lee Bemrose @LeeBemrose

Recently at my Responsible Service Of Alcohol course... I hate these things. I hate any form of structured learning. I'm just shit at it. Always have been. I was shit at skool which is why I left at age 16. The skool thing was a joke, by the way. I know how to spel.
So anyway. Came to a point where we were told we had to role play. Confrontation situation where a drunk customer wanted another drink and the bar person had to refuse in the right way. I turned around to my team of two travelers, banged my palm down on the table and said, Giz a farking drink ya bastard.
The very polite Indian guy who was, in my mind, playing the bar tender, looked confused and asked my what I was doing.
Role playing. Like we were told to do. You're the responsible bar tender, I'm a drunk customer, and this French guy is the best man at my buck's night, so you know, Give us some fucking drinks ya prick. Another palm slapped down on the table. I was really getting into this. The Indian guy and the French guy, not so much. They just looked a bit confused.
I made the Indian guy play his role. The French guy was just silent, but that was okay because he was my best man and I was the belligerent one who had to be dealt with. There was conversational noise going on all around us. I looked around at the conclusion of our role playing bit and realised that absolutely no one else had done the role playing thing. They were just chatting. Even the instructor - who I had been expecting to be wandering through the room and taking notes, was just talking to a group about their travels.
I turned back to my Indian bartender and my French best man. Shit, I said sheepishly, sorry about that.

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