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Things That Girl Should Know😉

Posted on the 13 November 2016 by Sravankumar Sripadi @sravan4you
  • My boyfriend barely talks to me. He only speak a few sentences to me the week, and it is all about office stuff. I feel so emotionally disconnected from him. I feel like we are roommates. I don’t feel like we are in relation.
  • My boyfriend won’t talk with me about anything. He says he has nothing on his mind and doesn’t need to talk.
  • My partner never gives me affirmation or compliments. He won’t meet my needs!
  • I can’t live with a man who won’t talk about his deepest feelings and thoughts.
  • I take it very personally that he won’t share his heart with me.
  • He wants space and time to himself and I feel unloved when he doesn’t want to spend time with me talking.
    I don't understand why girls make such statements if say so they have no point to show that some one is not take care of them just because he is speaks lessThings that girl should know😉to you. Girls should know that boys shows love without words and appreciate. The key is that you needs to recognize how he shows love and accept his way of showing love as being valid and appreciating what he does instead of being angry that he doesn’t change and doesn’t show love with a lot of emotional words. If you need some one to who talk to you much and a lot then go and find some good chatterbox girlfriends.
   Learn to read his body language and non-verbal communication about his love for you. Accept that he may not give a lot of compliments – and appreciate Things that girl should know😉that he probably doesn’t give a lot of criticism, either. Be willing to accept his way of bonding many times – by being together shoulder to shoulder doing something without a lot of talking :P. If he doesn’t appreciate or want a lot of verbal praise/encouragement – learn how to bless him with non-verbal respect – big smiles, possibly hugs if he is ok with that(all boys are OK with that 🙈:P), doing special things for him that he would appreciate. Don't pressure him to try to make him open up. Create an emotionally safe place for him then see how much he talk. Be calm and pleasant and friendly when you share your heart with him. Let him associate “talking with you” with pleasant emotions.
Note: Men will be Men, No offense please 😎

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