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Thinking About the Past (Part III)

Posted on the 06 March 2016 by Samantha Wilson @SamWilsonWhite
            Spring has come, and there is so much to think about... However, the past always remains in the memory...
CTThinking about the Past (Part III) 
Thinking about the Past (Part III)“Six lions have escaped in Nairobi” – says CNN.
And I look at the city and smile –
It will never escape from me, I know.
It is still faithful to those who have tamed it. Yet, I have not.
The city is looking in the mirror.
I can’t say what it’s seeing, perhaps the image in its eyes.
Now, as the sky has hidden its azure and Jupiter has been dreaming the star dream,
The city is showing me something I have never seen –
Some dragons are flying among the planets,
Some pixies are jumping onto the heads of witches and wizards –
No, it is not a Harry Potter world – it is something I have never read about and imagined.
It must be city’s friend or just a comrade.
I like the times when it shows me its friends,
Since I adore fantastic creatures and paranormal entities that can even wave to me from their part of the world.
They are all weird, extraordinary and agitated, not like me.
I’ve been always allured by the sacredness of their nature,
By their ability to induce the will to mystery.
However, the city is not so much enthusiastic about them.
It looks at them, and there is no wonder and fascination in its eyes.
I hope it will give me some signs, when I should bow and greet them at the drop of a hat.
The remote city does not give me any signs. It has fallen asleep.


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