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Thinking in Black and White --Almost

Posted on the 16 March 2011 by Elizabethwix


The news, mostly, is grim nowadays


so here a little excursion into the mundane and remarkable. A rather clean vinyl floor in a jewelry shop in Morocco. I was sitting waiting for friends to discover treasures. Checkerboard floors always remind me of Dutch interior. Memo to self: go to Holland soon.


The moon, the other night, looking Islamic and lovely, falling on top of a building down the road.


A very insistent bird tweeting and tweeting. I know rather too few American birds --that's the sort of thing you learn in elementary school. It was gray and rather the size of am American Robin. Anyone know?


Cannot for the life of me think what the ectoplasm is. Reya dislikes Hipstermatic. I'm afraid I do like it. It might wear off....


ps. In reading matters: Just finished The Balkan Trilogy by Olivia Manning. 924 pages. I started it two years ago, but read the second 600 pages in a week. Highly recommended, but it doesn't really get going for ages and ages. Awfully good at describing unsettling ex-pat life in foreign parts.

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