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This Too, Shall Pass

Posted on the 22 October 2012 by Vidyasury @vidyasury
Somehow, I get the feeling this year is whizzing by a little faster than it should. Do you ever feel that way? That you sometimes have to keep up with the pace of life? I do. But then, luckily, I found myself just propelled along in a "just react" kind of pace. As if the decisions were already made for me. Consider these:
On Monday, my Uncle phoned to say that my aunt (Mom's sister) suddenly passed away. This was shocking news as, besides the fact that we're are a close family and the loss hurt, it was totally unexpected. A heart attack at 2.30 pm in the afternoon, rushed to hospital and breathed her last at 7.30 pm. In a way, it is good she did not have to suffer, but on the other hand, who wants to lose a loved one? Another aunt (also Mom's sister) is in hospital, seriously ill.
On Tuesday, my tooth broke. Yes. Broke, as in fractured. I was eating something soft when I felt this "crrrrrrunch" piece. Turns out to be a part of my tooth. Yikes. Secretly guilty for postponing the visit which I was supposed to make to the dentist in July, I realized I had no choice but to go there at the first instance. And I did. It helped that Tuesday was also the day on which Vidur had to follow up with the orthodontist. Same clinic, so feeling like a very good guy, I arrived in the dentist's chair to find I needed two cavities filling. Got an appointment for the next day. Already hearing the sound of the drills, I braced myself.
On Wednesday, I was actually punctual and at the dentist's at 10.30 am as scheduled. I was pleased to notice that the attending doctor was young, nice looking, pleasant. I leaned back in the chair, my dental fate in his hands. Well, it went well and I got a temporary filling done with the promise that if the filling did not hold up, I could have a root canal. How exciting. If it held up, then I had a month to go get the permanent filling done. If not, root canal. The only good thing about this is the root canal surgeon is also a good looking guy with a nice sense of humor. Now don't judge me for harping on the "good-looking" part.  When I have to literally gaze into the eyes of a guy for hours on a daily basis, it helps if his countenance is pleasant. Tell me you disagree!
On Thursday, I took Vidur to the dentist because his dental clip hurt.
On Friday, I was back there for my second filling
On Saturday, another visit for Vidur to adjust the clip
And today, Sunday, here I am, telling you all about it.
I was offline for most of the week, what with the dentist and other stuff. I also caught up on my reading and finished a couple of books - you can see the reviews here: The Krishna Key and The Shadow Throne. I also wrote a guest post titled "What my son taught me about parenting" for Parentous and hope to write there regularly. I have also done some deep cleaning around the house - oh, so satisfying!
So, while walking back home from the dentists I had plenty to photograph. We live in a rather nice-ish area that is full of surprises in the form of street vendors. Right now, especially so, as we are celebrating the nine-day Navratri festival. More of that next week. For now, I am sharing the wall-art / murals  I met along the way. Quite fascinating. Here we go: (Click to enlarge photos)
It was warm and sunny and afternoon as I walked back home. The walls are around eight feel tall. The first mural was this rather majestic looking lion. Except for the hind leg at that odd angle, I thought it was very nice. The face is great, no?
This Too, Shall Pass
This one was next. Way to spend a warm afternoon! This Too, Shall Pass  Cooling off at the pool! This Too, Shall Pass
This Too, Shall Pass I rather enjoyed this one - farmer in the bullock cart This Too, Shall Pass I couldn't quite figure out this one. What are they doing? Stroking their tummies. Weird.  This Too, Shall Pass  And this one. I didn't stop to think about it
This Too, Shall Pass This is a common picture in most temple art - of the figure holding up the beams. That is the Kannada script you see on the right in the picture - no idea what it means.
This Too, Shall Pass All this wall art is managed by the municipal corporation to beautify the walls. I had featured some pictures of wall art in my area in an earlier Sunday post. I realized there is so much more to see. How nice. :D
Now, let's head over to Unknown Mami's, the host of this lovely link up and travel the world together from there.
Unknown Mami
Have a great week ahead!
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How did your week go?  Do you think you would enjoy taking time off from your computer?  Yes? No? Why?
This Too, Shall Pass

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