Three Things Thursday - Love

Posted on the 14 February 2013 by Khourianya @khourianya
I've heard a lot of people in my bloggy world getting really down on Valentines Day today.  While I am not an over the top, shower of hearts kinda gal - I do love having one day a year to throw a little extra love around.  Heck - I even wore a dress today that MAY be a little too close to pink on the purple spectrum for my own comfort level...I know!  I'm shocked too!  My daughters picked it out for me because they had to dress up all valentine'sey today.
Three Things Thursday - Love
The biggest change this year is that my girlies seem to have "gotten" love now.  Their excitement about a whole day dedicated to loving everyone in your life is definitely contagious and I have really enjoyed this month because of it!
So for today's three is our Valentine's day :) And it's not about the whole Hallmark Holiday thing.
1) Hubby surprised me yesterday with a super sweet valentine.  Might be the first "not bought at the last minute" card in 11 Valentine's days!   What he wrote (and I'm not going to share) was so sweet it almost made me cry. He's not a mushy guy.  It was just so heartfelt and honest.
It's good to be loved.
2) I got all crafty for my cards this year.  No storebought here.  Just crafts and printables all the way

Three Things Thursday - Love

for Hubby - on the back, I wrote "I love you to bytes"
Ha ha ha - I'm hilarious!
(Instructions here)

Three Things Thursday - Love

For Buggie - she loves bugs and yellow
(Printable here)

Three Things Thursday - Love

For Doodle - she is so obsessed with the moon
(Image here)

3) We also made valentines for the girlies friends.   We bought packages of goldfish crackers and then on blank business cards, I printed "You are O 'FISH'ally Awesome!"  And then the girls decorated them with rubber stamps and we tied the cards to the cracker packages with red yarn.  I totally forgot to snap a photo before I dropped them off :(
During Valentines decorating - I realized I had run out of heart stickers.  We had nothing but rubber stamps...but when the girls discovered that touching the ink pads with their fingers would allow them to fingerpaint - I took the opportunity to teach them how to make fingerprint hearts.
So easy and they LOVED adding their own special hearts to the cards for their friends.

Three Things Thursday - Love

Doodle (left) and Momma

Happy Valentine's day everyone!   I hope your day is filled with love!

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