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Thursday 06.12.2012

Posted on the 18 March 2018 by Therealme

[The text is based on notes.]

While I was walking in Stip, a girl from the other side of the street showed me a sign to come and said “Come”. Who was she? Should I smile? It turned out she was from a TV with a cameraman. She asked me if I watched “Ask the major” on TV STAR. I told her I wasn’t from there, but she said that despite it, I could ask him for example if there would be New Year celebration on the square and if he’d additionally decorate before New Year. I said “Wait to devise”, then when the camera turned on I said I wanted to ask the mayor if there would be a New Year celebration. They were looking at me. It was my first talking to a TV camera experience. I said “town” instead of “square” and looked at the camera … The man stopped recording, the girl thanked me. A woman commented “You don’t have luck”.

I was happy. They made me.

On the road my bag fell as the belt unhooked.

On the faculty I went to the toilet.

In the hall I saw the Turkish colleague with a poor Macedonian knowledge who was looking at me. Nothing. We were sitting separately. He approached me:
-Excuse me, are you waiting for Electrotechnics?
He asked me when did it start and sat next to me. I appreciate that he dared. I asked him if he was from Turkey, he told me he was from Izmir. I asked which group he was from. He had some work from the morning. I stated I hadn’t seen him until then, expect on B.P.. He was interested when was the colloquium. He suggested to talk in English, which we did. He wanted to know which group he was in for the B.P. seminar work as he couldn’t manage himself on Facebook.

Nelson 2 came with Reis&co. as he went on the Maths practices with the first group. I asked him what did he leave with the previous day, he said he didn’t and answered he stayed at a friend. Reis was looking at me. The Turk went away. After we entered in A.2 I targeted and sat again on the same position – Reis wanted I to decided first – and this time he decided – one place next to the one in front of me. Al sat next to him again. The Turk came in the same row – one seat away from me. I asked him where he had been, he didn’t understood. I asked why I’ve only seen him on B.P. Nelson 2 was looking at me twice. The Turk told me his diopter was 7 and 14.


On Electrotechnics the Turk, whose name was Berkir asked Benjamin to tell him colloquium dates, thing that Benjamin started to talk first. He knew 3! He wrote them to him. OK. I just dislike it. He doesn’t do it because he’s good, he does it in order to affirm himself, putting himself above the others. He doesn’t do it for God.

Benjamin asked me for a piece of paper calling me Nicky (there it was, now Nicky when he has use). I didn’t have, but I but I tore from another notebook ‘cos I’m good.


Muhammed took the place next to me. He spoke often to Berkir. He said he was sick for 7 days. I asked him if he recovered, he didn’t. I was bored.

Andrea wasn’t even looking at me.

Muriel wasn’t looking at me. When she finally did, I waved her.

I asked Muriel if she made the seminar work, she answered “Almost”. I thought to stand up (and to say “I have a desire for you (and she for Reis)), but soon the lecture started.

Reason for no colloquium results: Getting dark early, the van shook, …

I was sad. The Turk Berkir smiled to me, but that wasn’t it. Muhammed asked me:
-Bro why are you pensive?
-I’m bored.
-To come in Turkey.
-OK. I want to. But later.

Reis shouted after Andrea while she was leaving.

Thomas had arrived later.

After we were released, in the hall I walked with Muhammed and told him I had practices, not him.


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