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Time for a Little Housework Here!

Posted on the 05 November 2012 by Jane @Jane_PlanetBaby
Time for a little housework here!                                     Source: baileyshomeandgarden.com via Jane on Pinterest
Well, hello there, sweet Planetarians. I'm so sorry for the radio silence. I am very much learning-on-the-job how to manage the normal Affairs of State on Planet Baby as well as run Planet Joy. Which explains the dust bunnies accumulating here over the last few weeks! Hmm, time to bring out my broom, sweep up and rearrange the furniture a tad, don't you think?
My blogging habits
Visiting other blogs
I have finally realised I can't visit Blogland as often as I used to. That means I might be a tad slow in reading your posts but I will get there eventually. That includes commenting on your fabulous entries in October's Post of the Month Club - with 32 entries, you still have until 14 November 2012 to contribute, if you wish.
I'm also going to have to cut back the number of blogs I follow - 173 is not sustainable! Hmm, time for a 'bloggy rehab' update, do you think?
Blogging here
And I can't post here as often either, sadly. 
But, it's all relative. I just want to blog smarter, making the best use of the time I have. It doesn't mean I'll stop blogging here or just go through the motions. This space brings me so much pleasure and energy so I'm not abandoning it. At all. 
I just have to adjust my expectations of myself. Whilst I have been enjoying writing the 'Down the rabbithole' and 'Blogging 101' posts, they take a long time and a lot of effort to write. I can't pump them both out weekly anymore.
So, here's my revised (and very flexible!) blogging schedule:
On the occasional Wednesday: 'Down the rabbithole'
On the occasional Thursday: 'Blogging 101'
On Saturdays: 'Some Saturday soul food'
On most Sundays (and occasionally on a Monday!): 'Sunday splendour'
At month's end: 'Post of the Month Club' 

That probably doesn't seem all that different to you. But it's a big deal for me to reduce the pressure I place on myself. All part of *being kind to myself* and *letting go* and all that.
Sprucing up the place
With the proceeds from Planet Joy, I hope to soon change my blog header (with some new gumboots!) and alter some of the fonts etc to have a cleaner look. 
I'm looking forward to it - this space needs some fresh energy.
So, there you go - a shorter post so I can get some much needed beauty sleep. There's been too much burning-the-candle-at-both-ends here lately ☺. Your thoughts? Do share.

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