Time for That Yoga Challenge

Posted on the 04 February 2013 by Khourianya @khourianya
When I first laid out my 36 Resolutions, I admit - I tossed the Yoga Challenge in there just to fill a slot.  Me and Yoga...well, let;s just say I have a hard time slowing my brain down enough to work through it.  Which, of course, means I likely need to do it.
When Feb 1 rolled around last week, I decided this is the month   I figured I'd kept it open ended enough that I could do even a 5 min series of poses before bed each night and call it a day.  Then I skipped Friday...and Saturday....and Sunday.  Last night, I was beating myself up enough that I finally typed "Home Yoga Challenge" into Google to see if I could find something around 3 weeks in length to do.
And discovered this:
Time for that Yoga Challenge
Yoga Journal has a 21 day fitness yoga challenge that lays it all out and guides me through it.  Exactly what I need.  Videos to show me what to do and a timeline I think I can commit to at 30 mins per day.
Now I just need to do it.  My plan is to spend the first half hour after my girls go to bed completing the workout for the day.   I have very little in the way of expectations, but I hope I can reflect on something changing in the way I view yoga by the end of the challenge.
Anyone want to join me on this?

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