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To All The Boys I Loved Before - Netflix (2018)

Posted on the 23 April 2019 by Abylovinu @abylovinu

To All The Boys I Loved Before - Netflix (2018)

The young girl named Lara Jean Covey, likes to write letters to her crushes but she never sends it. It is just kept in the box. Lara Jean is early for tita mode. Hahaha she just loves to stay home and watch tv series. Then, one day her little sister sent all her love letters to her crushes and they read it. Everyone who received the letters wants to talk to her. Then, here comes Peter.. this is where the story will evolve. You better watch it!

Story wise, I love it. Peter and Lara Jean has chemistry with one other. After a long time, I love a chick flick again. This is something different and the ending has a cliffhanger. Haha I hope they have a backstory more on her family, what happen to her mother. Then, now what will happen to her best friend. Other than that, I have no negative comment at all. I will recommend this movie to everyone who loves chick flick and feel good movies. Until now, there is no other chick flick than I love more than this one. I am also looking forward from the rumors of part 2 of this movie.

Here's the trailer of movie:

I will rate this movie as

Do you agree with my rating? Do you like or hate this movie? Comment down below! I want to know. Hehe (╹◡╹)♡

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