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To Mr.12kilroy, with Love!!

Posted on the 15 March 2012 by Alphaqsecc

This post on human photography is dedicated to 12kilroy. He is my blog-o-friend. And must say, he is such an inspiration.

I’m influenced to click more and more.

All thanks to you 12kilroy :) :D

(Click on the pictures for better view)

To Mr.12kilroy, with love!!

The return to freedom, oblivious to worldly affairs.

To Mr.12kilroy, with love!!

Swifter the hands,deeper are the furrows on face.

To Mr.12kilroy, with love!!

The entangled hands conveys tons 'bout this belittled earth.

To Mr.12kilroy, with love!!

"Aye, open your mouth and tell him your cost....For me, you are priceless. But for stomach....."

The last one is my favourite…very expressive picture, click on it to zoom :)

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