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Today’s Youth

Posted on the 17 December 2012 by Blogbee @blogbee_

Do  Today’s Youth  have different attitudes about Work, Employment, Culture,  and Life  when compared to Youth in the Past?

We the Indian youth are wise, Intelligent, well educated and have all the ingredients to be successful and honest. But, we do not have the resolve to put these to good use.

Our society is full of these intelligent, honest but ambiguous and negligent youth who are not serious in the nation building process. Hence in the process of society rebuilding contribution of youth is zero. Seeing the situation, a concern arises in my mind that what will happen to this country. Reason for this concern is – “Today’s youth is India’s Tomorrow”, if they go so ambiguous and confused then, how can we see the dream of healthy and developed India to be a reality?

Today we are entangled in the web of corruption, illiteracy and unemployment. Speed of development in India is slower than the walk of tortoise. This situation is not acceptable to us; but the thought that nothing can be done about it or even if I take any action it won’t yield anything is the biggest hurdle is achieving our aims. This negative thinking prevents us from taking that important first step which will take us to the solution.

A  new study has found that youngsters are more self-centric and money-minded than their previous generation peers. In my opinion, today’s youth are far more developed than the youth who grew  in the 1950s and 1960s. The distinct difference is that these days youth have more freedom to express their thoughts and ideas and they have more access to knowledge. In this age of information if they are to compete on an international scale, they have no choice but to become more knowledgeable, regardless of whether they want to or not.

Why are our thoughts so negative? Reasons manifold. We have lots of corrupt and power-hungry people around us. Seeing such people the question arises that why should I alone be honest and servile.  So this idea starts rooting in our minds that nothing is going to happen of our country and importantly I alone cannot do anything about all this.

These practices all contribute to ruining the souls and minds of our youth because it convinces them that this is the normal way of life. They see very serious looking elderly people sitting in front of them, managing offices and occupying high positions, and suddenly they realize that such people create artificial obstacles just to get money for tasks that they are supposed to do as a normal part of their job.

That’s what causes young people to change their attitudes towards life. Their ideas of justice and fairness get broken and as a result, they lose faith in people, in themselves, and in their future.  There are so many shortcomings in our present – day education system. We need to train specialists in a purposeful, constructive way. No corruption, no lies. Then people will care about their professions.  In the sight of the ocean, we shouldn’t forget the contribution of drop. A big fire can be generated by a simple spark. This spark of confidence and courage in youth today can make a large difference in the future of their country.


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