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Top 10 People on Facebook

Posted on the 17 December 2016 by Sravankumar Sripadi @sravan4you, website web site ordained into the 2nd largest in the world, surely we all already know. This site is great demand of children, teenagers, adults to the elderly though. But do you know who the people who first registered on Facebook are. Here are the first 10 registrants at the site of the largest friendship and his account is still active today.
1. Mark Zuckerberg : Top 10 people on FacebookFounder and inventor of Facebook this is the person who first enroll in this phenomenal networking. Currently Zuckerberg became one of the richest young men in the world with a fortune of nearly 10 billion U.S. dollars.
2. Chris Hughes:Top 10 people on FacebookChris Hughes is the Co-Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg's room m ate at the same time as they study at Harvard University. Project that made  his name skyrocketed in addition to being a co-founder of Facebook

3. Dustin Moskovitz:Top 10 people on FacebookDustin Moskovitz is a co-founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg's roommate at the same time as they study at Harvard University. Moskovitz has a facebook share by 6% who made  his fortune estimated at 1.4 billion U.S. $. 4. Arie Hasit:Top 10 people on FacebookArie Hasit is a good friend of Mark Zuckerberg.  When they studied at Harvard they often do activities together - together. Now he works as a spokesman for the Israeli army. 

5. Marcel Georges Laverdet II:Top 10 people on FacebookLittle is known about Marcel Georges Laverdet II. Which can be known only for her work on Facebook.

6. Soleio:Top 10 people on FacebookSoleio are technical employees Facebook. On the page - his, he wrote that his work is related to the technical Facebook.

7. Chris Putnam:Top 10 people on FacebookChris Putnam is one of the software engineer Facebook. There are unique from Chris Putnam is one - only people who have an avatar in Facebook.

8. Andrew McCollum:Top 10 people on FacebookAndrew McCollum was a classmate of Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard at the same time. He is a graphic designer at Facebook first. It was he who designed the first logo Facebook

Top 10 people on Facebook9. Colin Kelly"A little info about this person. Certainly he is an alumnus of Harvard University. Most likely was a classmate of Mark Zuckerberg

10. Mark Kaganovich:

Top 10 people on FacebookMark Kaganovich was an alumnus of the Harvard field of computer science. He is the founder of Labmeeting, which is a kind of social network (like Facebook) but is devoted to the scientists.

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