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Top 5 Beauty/Fashion Trends in 2015

Posted on the 27 January 2016 by Scribe Project @ascribeproject
  1. Overdrawn eyebrows

    The popular straight and thick eyebrow shape from Korea took over Singapore’s beauty ideals in 2015. It is meant to make you look youthful and sweet by softening on the brow arches. But some Singaporeans just screw it up and turn it into Crayon Shin-chan:Top 5 Beauty/Fashion Trends in 2015
    I see so many brows that I find to be a crime. Some even pay to get their eyebrows done like that (tattooed eyebrows, anyone?). It doesn’t suit their face shape at all, and if they’re thinking of accentuating/beautifying their facial features – girl. Stop. Seriously.

    Brows frame a person’s face, so you gotta be careful about those hairs up there. First impression does count somewhat, no matter what people say! Let’s hope the trend of overdrawn brows stay in 2015.

  2. Button up denim skirts 

    Yes, vintage is back in style and so is the A-line denim button-front skirt. I have to admit, even I had two pieces in my closet. Just pair it with a pair of chunky heels and a cool off-shoulder top to complete the 70’s  look.

    Top 5 Beauty/Fashion Trends in 2015Photo credit: UEV Lines
  3. Sneakers

    Everyone was wearing the New Balance 574 Series. Gotta admit though, it looks pretty dope.Sneakerheads were also on the rise in 2015. So basically what a sneakerhead is, is a person who collects, trades or admires sneakers as a hobby. A sneakerhead may also be highly experienced in distinguishing between real and fake replica sneakers. They are the ones who cause most of the hype about footwear.

    On the other hand, sneakers are evolving from being just a trend and into a wardrobe staple. From big brands like Nike and Adidas to indie designers like Superga, this is one 2015 trend that’s staying this year.

    Top 5 Beauty/Fashion Trends in 2015Photo credits:
  4. Fit, not skinny, bodies

    Having a skinny figure used to be desirable, but now, a slim body that is toned is preferred.Top 5 Beauty/Fashion Trends in 2015

  5. Streetwear

    Bucket hats, Snapbacks, sweatpants, locally designed t-shirts. Even the local artistes were donning the highly functional streetwear hype.

    Top 5 Beauty/Fashion Trends in 2015Photo credits: www.wardrobefashion.comSingaporean online stores designing unisex pieces for the masses were a big trend amongst the fashion market. These unique shirts are designed exclusively and individually by the local owners. Teenagers, especially, loved these Taiwan street-style yet simple designs. Top 5 Beauty/Fashion Trends in 2015Picture credits: Local shop Avarice Apparel

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