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Top Interior Design Trends Of 2020

Posted on the 15 August 2020 by Sparklesandstretchmarks @raine_fairy
With many people spending far more time at home than usual in 2020, there's unsurprisingly been a rise in the number of people taking on home decor projects this year - but what are the hottest trends of 2020 so far?
Here's a breakdown of what's hot in the world of interior design this year.
Top Interior Design Trends Of 2020
Blue Hues
This trend started a year or so ago with deep blues starting to emerge in living rooms across the land, but with Pantone's Colour Of The Year for 2020 being Classic Blue it's official - gray is out, and blue is in!
I have to admit to being a big fan of this colour, I've toyed with re-painting our living in a nice deep blue more than once!
It's little wonder that this trend for blue has taken off in such a big way, did you know that a recent study found that blue is actually the world's favorite colour?!
Top Interior Design Trends Of 2020
Windows, Conservatories & Orangeries
Black-frame windows have been the biggest trend for windows this year, and that trend is now extending to conservatories and patio doors too. The aesthetic they bring is very suited to the trend for the industrial look and of course large windows and conservatories are also great for bringing lots of lovely natural light into your living space - something we've all been coveting in the year of the lockdown.
If you fancy getting some conservatory or window inspiration, Click Here to take a look at some of the various styles on offer.
Retro Home Bars
Following the theme of throwing it back to the 70's for home decor inspo, the retro classic Home Bar has once again surged in popularity this year (Well is it any wonder, given that the majority of the world is now home schooling?!) .
From bar carts to elegant cocktail chairs and neon signs to brighten up your home bar area - the possibilities are truly endless!
I've fancied a good old fashioned Globe-style home bar for a while myself but it may have to wait until my children are at a less inquisitive age, or else it's just a recipe for disaster!
Top Interior Design Trends Of 2020
Pinterest Plants
Unless you've been living under a rock (or simply not using Pinterest or Instagram much!) then you can't have missed how the world has fallen in love with plants for the home this year.
It seems that this trend basically involves cramming as much greenery into your living space as possible, varying types and textures of plant life along with deliberately mismatched pots.
I've never been very good at keeping plants alive, so it's all about the artificial ones for me - but if you are a bit green-fingered then the benefits of following this trend could far outweigh simply giving a pleasing aesthetic to your home, did you know that people who keep plants are likely to have better mental wellbeing and less stress than those who don't. 
Which of these Interior Trends for 2020 most appeals to you? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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