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Transference of Youth

Posted on the 01 July 2019 by Suzanne Robinson @mummy2twinsblog

Last Monday I helped my next door neighbour. Her mum fell over in the front yard and of course, it was pouring with rain as well. I ran over to help her mum get on her feet.

I however injured myself in the process.

I seem to have pulled all my muscles on the left side and have been hobbling around like an old woman now. Maybe the incident was more sinister than I thought, maybe the older lady has transferred my youth to her and now I am the old lady????

It is very truly possible that this woman is now jogging, possibly playing a sport or something active due to inheriting my get up and go and giving me a limp in exchange. I know you are in disbelief of this possibility but it could have been an option and it easily explains why I am moving so slowly now.

Well, you would think that I am indeed older than my years as it is taking me forever to get out of bed, to put clothes on and to do anything really. I've been swearing a lot and doing a lot of deep breathing to help. Oh, and painkillers and anti-inflammatory gel have been a help although not an all-out fix.

Today I've visited the chiropractor for the second time for this very issue and have gained some more movement although still very painful and sore and yes I am still hobbling like an old lady.

I would help out again but if I need to in my current state I might not be much help. I might be the woman on the ground in the pouring rain that needs help to get to her feet next.

Have you helped someone and then paid the price for it later? As mentioned I would do it again and was happy to help, however, I am a bit down about limping around now a week on.

They do say that no great deed goes unpunished..maybe this is what they are talking about?

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Transference of Youth

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