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Tuesday 27.11.2012

Posted on the 04 March 2017 by Therealme

On the waiting area Troy stood to wait close to me.

Andrea and I decided to wait for the Maths pause to enter. We weren’t alone – Peter had overslept (so he was afraid of the professor). Andrea was sitting between us. He didn’t feeling like talking to me – obviously it depended on the mood. No problem: I had my Zlox girl who asked me about the seminar work. When the time came – I “helloed” Marcus, surprisingly Pete’s “Colleague why are you late?” was referring to me and Mike helped me in finding the list. Andrea wanted I to sit in the last rows, but I chose the second row filling the seat that Nelson II told me it was free, he also gave me his Maths notebook to rewrite the missed.

I smiled to Ergin who was sitting two seats away from me. On the second pause he touched my back when passing, behind him Reis just passed over me. I would exactly like to see where our tension will lead us to. I believe we are going to become very good friends. Four years ago, at times I was Sarah(ex-classmate)’s enemy, a year ago… you know. Plus we both hang out quite with the other nations and we’re both smart…

Benjamin didn’t say anything to me passing by me, just commented some word in German that someone didn’t know, but looked at Nelson II in the third row. Why? Simply because in his eyes Nelson was more normal than me. I have nothing personal against Nelson II (excluding his sins), but you know I hate scratching with what Nelson has reached that place at Benjamin. I know: Because Benjamin has seen Nelson II many more times with others than me. Not coincidently he told Nelson II that I accept to find a girlfriend and in similar situation looked at him while looking for someone to accompany him for eating (only not to be alone, of course). When will some people understand that being alone means COURAGE? Can’t they think? At the beginning God created only one man, God exists in three persons, but only Jesus lived on Earth as human, only One will judge us.

Being alone to me means fearlessness and appreciating spirituality more. That’s how I function and I like it.

I stayed alone, but Munin came next to me who had just arrived.

On the last third of Maths, after some outburst of Nelson I’s the professor couldn’t believe he was from Preevytip, assuming he was from Rudari or from Shlegovo. Impoliteness…

Muhammed arrived after Maths and sat next to me from my right, but I warned him a girl was sitting there referring Christy. Muhammed called me at his place, I told him “tomorrow maybe”. Munin came to sit next to me on my left. Reis asked me if the seats in the front row are free. Muhammed told Munin and I to move a seat to the right, and to the question “why”, he answered that a girl sat there. How come it occurred to him exactly then? Wasn’t he ignoring it? Or Ergin told him? Yet I moved. After Munin refused, Tuesday 27.11.2012someone was offering me “Funky”. The hand was Muriel’s, and when I looked at her, she looked at me reproachfully, but of course, for a master actor it was fake. I took one, Muhammed and Munin took too. Muhammed saw Dave alone, so he begged to sit next to him. At last Dave agreed and occupied the empty place. What was that? What’s that impoliteness from Muhammed’s side?

Munin accompanied Muhammed who went out to smoke, Dave asked me to switch my seat with Muhammed. “Why?” “He teases me a lot”. “There’s no understandment with him” – I commented, and the deeds confirm it. It stayed at “When he comes I’ll say to him”, but before he came, Willy who sat on the seat next to Dave told Christy her place has been taken. Now Dave told I to move one place to right, but the real me was firm: “I’m not moving”, so Dave stood up and went in another row. The Turks returned, Muhammed took the seat he sat before he left. There was an empty seat, and I move almost every Tuesday in order to see i.e. hear better on I.T.. I wasn’t allowing to be used anymore. I usually reach my goals patiently and indirectly, this time I changed the tactics:
-William does anyone sit there? Here does anyone sit? – I wasn’t smiling at all.
-Muhammed move there or I to pass to sit there!
There isn’t “if you want”.

He decided (or didn’t understand he had another option available) I to pass by him. To Munin I replied that from there it could be seen better.

On I.T. someone from behind gave Muhammed a bare chewing gum who tucked it in his pocket. The real me turned around to see who it was. It was Nelson I. We smiled at each other. I wasn’t given a gum, yet I consider this to be success. It was given to Muhammed out of pity, so imagine, in a way Nelson I feels me on the same level. I’m on a good track.

On the waiting area Andrea and a girl sat on the bench I was sitting. Andrea later told me it was Alison, Mike’s company. Andrea, I and the colleague from Radovish Trevor went in Campus 2 on the computers by Andrea’s idea to fill time. Andrea was scared from Maths’s Giovanni letting me to go first. She didn’t want him to embarrass her. Like she can’t embarrass him.

Home, Facebook reminded me it was Gedzo’s birthday. My brain simply forgets the info I don’t wanna care about. I wished him on his wall.

In the evening, I saw the mines passing on the road. I recognised Ethan and Brian. I removed my glasses, so I couldn’t see who waved me.
-He’s not shy anymore. – Brian proclaimed.
I was happy. Just like in the old times. Ah, nostalgie. …

Tuesday 27.11.2012

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