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Tuesday 31.07.2012

Posted on the 22 February 2015 by Therealme

Second half of the day and the events may start.

Sue persuaded mom that I couldn’t quite find a job with English faculty. She changed my mind too.

Sammy was supposed to play football in the evening and I was arranging with dad about our going outside. From the terrace I saw aunt Victoria. She saw me too, but moved her head forward.

-Hi. – I said.
-Hi. – She heard me and responded.
Mum supported me.

Dad and I took the longer way.

On the playground there were a lot of people. Dad found a free place nearby, but Sarah was sitting next to it. Next to Sarah was Melanie.
-I’m not sitting next to her. – I was firm.

Once Barbara in confidence told me that Melanie hates Sarah too. How come? I understand. The moment will pass. Just as Sarah is not showing her real attitude, we pretend to be a different us when she is around.
I’m glad I finally saw her real face. Underneath that friendly smiley person is hiding an arrogant, proud being. As a confirmation of my theory I consider Barbara’s words:
-Did you see Sarah dancing with someone last night?
-Nobody wants her.

Obviously I’m not the only one who notices bad things about her.
missionarylip-service-large_newHow can a person who considers herself a strong Christian have 69 as her favorite sexual position? In fact perhaps it’s the only one she’s heard of. She probably doesn’t know the name of the standard one.

I don’t make discrimination regarding the race, nationality, gender, origin, sexuality, physical appearance, social status, not even religion. The nature of the soul is my only criteria.

Dad couldn’t stand, he squatted. I joined him who leaned his right leg on the ground. I assumed Brian was right with his comment “It’s a family thing”. Sarah told Melanie about my presence. I pretended I wasn’t watching. I was embarrassed to squat all those people being there, so I left.

On the road aunt Victoria again. I decided not to say anything this time, but moved my mouth to show I’m not angry.
-Nick, where did you walk?
-I was at the playground, for football but there isn’t place.
-Aah, Ethan’s there too.
-I didn’t see him.

I don’t consider Ethan as a friend of mine. On the other side, I have a feeling that Victoria is considering me to be normal. Opinion up. :)

Tuesday 31.07.2012

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