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Two Monitors, ONE Young Woman

Posted on the 05 June 2012 by Mikidemann @mikidemann
Last night Caty and I were talking about the importance of post titles. It all started because of that “zombie” story you know the one (this one). I was saying the journalist is a genius, because an article titled “zombie attack!” is going to get way more views and WAY more attention than “Drug addict takes ‘bath salts’ and kills homeless man”. So long twitter feed short, I decided that I need to be a little more creative when naming my posts.
So today, I would normally name this post something like “Office Space Revealed!”, but that is not creative, not nearly cool enough to be on the same level as ZOMBIE ATTACK, so I decided to go with Two Monitors, One young woman. Because what could that mean? It has to at least cause a little suspicion to flutter about in your brain.
I already gave you a very personal VLOG tour of my unkept home, so today I was having a bit of writers block, and decided it’s time you all see where I spend most of my days. Away from the home, away from my puppy, away from my husband.. tears are shed! Actually they are not. I love my job! I just like to be dramatic more.So this lovely cubicle thing is where I spend most of my days. photocopy3-2012-06-5-14-16.JPG
Now for a break down of the left side of my desk. I know this is very important stuff, there will definitely be a quiz on this stuff later by the way.Left-Side-2012-06-5-14-16.png
I have this random shelf in the middle of my desk, that just collects random things. I have skulls, bulldogs, pigs, medical Pete, business Pete, Aqua Teen force lunch box, A creepy golden baby head with 3 arms mounted on a plaque, foam balls to throw at people with their head phones on, and a monkey stamp. Can you find them all?photocopy6-2012-06-5-14-16.JPG
I also spilled wax on my desk a few months ago, and decided never to clean it up. I drink Dr. Pepper every day, so pretty much every single day someone thinks it’s spilled Dr. Pep, for some reason this is highly entertaining to me - so I keep it there.photo-copy-2-2012-06-5-14-16.png
Lastly, the right side of my desk. It is incredibly boring, and sometimes when I look over there I get mad. The printer cord wouldn’t reach any further than that, so whenever that printer is used the person who is printing comes and stands 12 inches away from me, and it makes for awkward loitering. I don’t know if you recognize those barrels, but yes they are monkey in a barrell toys. Those funny monkey that link arms. Great for decorating :)photo-2012-06-5-14-16.JPG
Can your desk top that?

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