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Two Ways to Stay Informed During a Military Deployment

Posted on the 18 June 2011 by Thejessicatuck @thejessicatuck

Many of us military spouses long for and crave information about their spouse’s unit, media mentions, and more – here are two great ways to stay in informed beyond official unit newsletters, social networks, family readiness officer information, etc.

In the social media management arena, this strategy is also useful for monitoring mentions of your company on the web and keep tabs on new content on topics important to you.

In addition, it’s a great way for a blogger to generate ideas for posts, find other bloggers whose topics are similar to yours.

1.  Set up a Google news alert.  You can input a phrase with quotes and choose how often you wish to receive an email alert with links that mention those phrases.  The alerts you set up are only limited by your interests and can be set up for nearly any topic.

2.  Go to DVIDS – Defense Video and Imagery Distribution System and set up alerts there.  Once on the site, under the home tab click alerts, register and set them up.  According to the site “DVIDS Alerts are e-mail updates of the latest relevant DVIDS content (news, images, video, publications) posted to this web site based on your choice of search terms.”


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