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Type in the Above Type Questions for Cat( Common Admission Test )

Posted on the 21 February 2016 by Aritrasen

How to handle TITA questions when it 

comes to Parajumbles?

TYPE IN THE ABOVE TYPE QUESTIONS FOR CAT( COMMON ADMISSION TEST )Well I know this portion gives all of us head-aches. It is a really dicey section when it comes to Verbal Aptitude. As it is, Parajumbles are tough with the options. 
Take them out and lol, it becomes a Super Saiyan God.TYPE IN THE ABOVE TYPE QUESTIONS FOR CAT( COMMON ADMISSION TEST )
Now but then again you can't just avoid them . You have got to solve them. I didn't find many articles till date stating in detail the mechanisms you need to employ to deal with these type of "googlies" . I am no expert but I had developed certain rules myself and it helped me a lot.

Frequent FAQ's

1. How to begin?

Ans:- Please be patient. Verbal aptitude development takes a lot of time. A single bad result doesn't mean that you are less talented. Work hard and you will get there. For TITA's have patience. A lot, in fact. Let me tell you why. It takes longer to solve without the options. You have to read each sentence. Gauge the structure. Decide on the connectors. Evaluate and then answer. If you are a beginner, don't be bogged down by some stalwart solving it in a minute. Take 5 minutes for all I care but solve it. Still wrong? Don't chuck. Try to find out why instead of leaving it completely.

2. Okay enough gyaan, what are the techniques?

Ans:- Yes, Yes techniques.  Mind you I am no expert and these techniques worked only for me. I am sharing it to give you a first-hand insight on how it can be done.
Example 1.1). Despite posting healthy profits, Volkswagen shares trade at a discount to peers due to bad reputation among investors.2). A disastrous capital hike, an expensive foray into truck business and uncertainty about the reason for a share buyback have in recent years left investors bewildered.3). The main problem with Volkswagen is the past.4). Many investors have been disappointed and frightened away.5). Volkswagen shares trade at about nine times the 2002 estimated earnings, compared to BMW's 19 and are the second cheapest in the sector.

How I go through it. Read on.

1. Despite beginning word. Can be , cannot be. Hold this.2. Disastrous hike. can be, cannot be. Hold this3. Main problem. Must be something before. Eliminate.4. Disappointed. Cannot be the opening. Reasons not stated .5. Generic statement. introduction missing. eliminate

second phase.

1. check for possible linkages. 2 can go with 5. yes. 3 continues 12. So how do I arrange this?3. Rough check:- 25413. Read it . Not making sense. 4. Second check. :-13425. Read it. Makes sense . Maintains the flow. Type it.OA:- 13425 

Second example:-

1). In 1979, Grenada witnessed the establishment of a socialist government by Maurice Bishop, which survived four years of US-engineered incursions.2). This was duly appreciated, with some 7, 000 US servicemen being designated as heroes and given decorations.3). This government was overthrown in an internal power struggle among left-wing groups and, within three weeks of the Bishop’s ouster and assassination, Reagan launched Operation Urgent Fury against Grenada, claiming that the invasion was "forced on us by events that have no precedent in the eastern Caribbean."4). In the end Grenada, just like Cuba and Nicaragua, was no more than the Chomskian "threat of a good example" to other Third World countries in the region.5). Around 2,000 US Marines "fought" for a week, destroying a mental hospital, killing 84 Cubans building an airstrip, and 400 Grenadians.
How I go through it. Read on.
Second technique:-1. Look for pairs.2. Okay searching. Read all the statements first. Okay. Done3. 1 seems to go before 3. okay 1then 3. hold it.4. Now, in sentence '2' US servicemen are appreciated but for what work. That work is described in sentence '5'. 5. Okay now let's play:- 41352. and 13524
Second one makes better sense. Type it and you are done YaY!!
See it becomes easy ain't it. I have total 5 techniques. IF you wish to know more ping me. And please for the love of god attempt all the TITA questions. Nahi aah raha firbhi karo, negative nahi jayega. grin emoticon You can be Scrooge Mcduck for all I care and who knows you can get a +3 out of nowhere.
My two cents:-1. Read a lot. Book reading works. No matter who is saying otherwise. IT is only when you read do you gain proper insight and develop a pattern and structure in your head. IF you don't believe me, try it out for yourself.
2. Verbal takes time. A lot of time. You need to work very hard. There are no shortcuts or tricks for verbal. Just like you practice in the nets before scoring a ton, you gotta put in the hard work.


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