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Posted on the 03 August 2012 by Shamsud @mysticverse

Unregimented! Unregimented!
Draw inspiration from the pond, Go to the sea and appreciate nature’s bond! You believed when nobody else, With ‘silence’ you shared your bed; With fortitude you moved, though late, With courage you love all those hate, With pride you took the street, Those memories, you never retreat.
Journey! human beings undertake, With time you reach your dead bed; Many a stories in your lives slate, You have decided before the final rest; We all know how the blood tastes, Earn your daily bread! There is something in everyone’s plate; Your laboured fruit, others bread spread.
Sometime I wonder, Where! What should I ponder!? Those mountains never told me their age; River Brahmaputra flows with rage, The sun pioneered grace! Face and defy as others are just face, Life leaves unbound trail - you trace; Sometimes slowing down is also a race.

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