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Upside Down Rescue

Posted on the 23 February 2014 by Meghana Varala
Upside down rescueTears rolling down my eyes and surprisingly I neither screeched nor yelped. I sat in a corner of the living room, alone. 'Maggi! Maggi!' Bindu called out at the door, unable to trace me for a long time. She was successful in no time, as she was aware that I usually sat in a corner when I'm upset. 'Come on, icecream-wala is here', said she grinning. Ice cream! my heart jumped in joy, while my jaw dropped a little without coordinating with my mind. Tears are mere drops now, like green foliage with tiny droplets over them after a heavy rain--almost dry. Bindu quipped with a slight titter,'What happened now? Why are you sitting here?'. Niagara falls emerged in my eyes ready to take their way down, washing away everything that's troubling me and especially my idiot friend, Bindu, for diverting my mind which was indulging in the delicious thoughts of ice cream. 'Talk something. How would I know your problem if you sit dumb and go on crying,' she tried hard to calm me. Not a single word did I utter. After her failed herculean effort of manipulating me into talking and having an ice cream together, she resigned to see my mother and tell about my 'serious condition'.
Alone again. I looked at the chocolate wrapper in my hand I was carefully carrying for the past one hour. 'Alpenliebe' it read. What a funny name al-pen-lie-be, four syllables, wow! It was the first time I ever tasted it. All my friends already raved its yummy taste fueling my curiosity further. 'Alas! what had it done!' Struck in my little nine year old throat! the least effort to move it, I could die. I remembered a latest news--'40 year old dead, with a bone struck in the throat while eating lamb'.I am next. My 'condition is serious'.
My thoughts drowned in a different world. My photo would be on the front page of the daily tomorrow. My mom and dad would be weeping on my body. 'God! I don't wanna die'. All relatives and friends would come by the time. 'Yippie, I could play with my cousin' my mind shrieks. 'Stupid, you are dead', I silenced it. They would have a ceremony and meals in my 'fond' memory. I wish they add Dum-biryani in the menu. Yum, I just love it. And Gulab-jamun too. 
'Good lord! what the hell I'm planning'. 'Come back to senses, I don't want to die'. The Niagara increased its intensity. No sound, not a word. A single attempt and I might be deprived of that little time left to me on this earth. Mind you, nine year old brain's thinking it is.Upside down rescueimage:
Mom came concerned followed by dad and brother. 'What's wrong?' asked dad and mom. Silence. Asked again. Same silence. 'Tell me dear, what happened?' my brother now. I showed the wrapper in my hand and pointed to my throat. Both my dad and brother collapsed to floor--laughing. My sobs grew heavier. 'Nobody loves me,' thought I. Suddenly both of them caught each of my legs. And the world turned in 180 degrees. The clock showed nine, but this nine is misplaced at a place where I usually saw twelve.
Thap! Thap!
Thap! again on my back. It came out! my goodness! that thing which made my condition serious! I don't need to die! No Dum-biryani of course. My eyes widened with surprise and happiness. They are still laughing--now louder and I didn't know why. I joined them, for several reasons, and a damp face. 
Now I know why they bursted out. I simply exaggerated and made a trivial thing extremely serious. Believe me or not I didn't eat candies or toffies or anything hard for a long time. only my dear cadbury softies 5star and dairy milk.Upside down rescue
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Upside down rescue
[Written for #ConditionSerioushai contest hosted by Indiblogger]
Ps: This is not a post of fiction.Actually happened with author's life.
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