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Valentine's Day 2014

Posted on the 14 February 2014 by Klnelms @klanelms
Engagement Shot  Valentine's Day...
Today there will be millions of dollars spent on flowers, balloons, chocolates, and fancy meals.
But not in the White House. 
In our home, we believe every day to be like Valentine's Day.  We share a love that is unbreakable because God mended it together. 
Brian and I won't be sending each other mushy things, and we definitely won't be going to overcrowded restaurants tonight.  It just isn't our style.
So, what does a newlywed couple do on Valentine's instead of all those mushy gushy things?
Well, we are going to eat (probably something non-healthy) while watching a movie. 
If you just rolled your eyes, then that's okay.  Brian and I are homebodies and we enjoy those "little moments" of being at home with each other, in pajamas.
To say our marriage is perfect, is a lie.  Even though we are newlyweds, we still have our own issues.  Finding a balance between our individual families and learning to make a family of our own takes adjusting. 
Finances are being combined and you have to budget even harder than you did while living the single life.  There are more bills, more due dates, and sometimes less money!
But that's married life.  And I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world.
Brian has my entire heart.  He is the wonderful Christian man that I prayed for so many nights.  Sometimes I still look at him, sitting across the room from me, and can't fully grasp that he is finally mine.  All mine.  God sure is good!
Wedding bands
Wedding DipSo, whether you choose to spend Valentine's on the town or in your pajamas like us tonight, then just remember that you are lucky to have someone in your life.  Make those sweet memories count before it's too late! Dear Brian, I love you baby.  There are not enough words in the English language to tell you just how happy and blessed I am to be your wife.  Thank you walking in at just the right time and stepping out on faith to get to know me.  I know it wasn't the best timing, nor was it easy.  I love you every single day more than I did the day before.  It's amazing the things I have learned about you in just 4 short months of marriage.  It makes me look so forward to the next years of our lives and seeing what all God can present before us and give us in this life.   Every day I pray for you and say a word of thanks to God for you, baby.  You're my one in a million, my soul mate, my forever friend, and the love of my life.   Happy Valentine's!     Valentine's Day 2014

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