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Veletrzni Palac, Prague - An October Selection

Posted on the 11 October 2014 by Elizabethwix


The Czech National Gallery was an amazing treat because so much of the contents were so unfamiliar - lots and lots of artists I'd never heard of before - particularly 19th century Czech ones as well as a couple of outstanding Klimts. The whole place is huge. I started gathering a collection of dark gems.

Herewith a sampling:



All Soul's Day - I think she is on her way to lay a wreath at the cemetery.




She is tending to the battle-wounded, while Miss Ballgown presides over the chaos.



Oh no! A traffic accident?



Dead, you know...




Beware the water sprite




and the ghostly hand hovering over your desk.




A film poster from the 20's. A very small prize for anyone working out the iconography of this one...




A cops and robbers poster from the same period.


Last of all, a costume hanging to dry in a courtyard from the 1940's - possibly the most haunting  of all the images.


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