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Posted on the 30 June 2013 by Rajkiran @rajki_rajkumar
And finally after 3 weeks of its release, we booked tickets to Man of Steel in Hyderabad's famed IMAX at Prasadz Mall. Must say, it was a wonderful experience. After a little hiccups in the route to reaching the theatre, a small comedy of errors, we reached there and met our friends who were to join us for the movie. Here's what I thought about the movie:
It was an absolute visual treat, probably the best movie that I've seen in 3D. I'm a big time Nolan fan, and like him, I don't favour 3D that much. Avengers' 3D didn't impress me. It gave me the headaches. But Man of Steel was different. I actually liked the 3D experience without getting a headache. The theater was as awesome as it as rumoured to be; though we could've enjoyed a little better had we gotten seats a little farther from the screen ( we sat in the fifth row from the screen and there was no sufficient space between the first row and the screen - poor people whose necks would've hurt sitting in the first row).
As for the movie itself, I kinda liked it, though it wouldn't be in my "Movies to watch a second time" or "Favourite movies". Definitely felt the tinge of Nolan with the non-linears here and there and the development of Clark Kent as a troubled child. It was a new approach and it paid off, unlike previous renditions which supposed Kal-El to be innately comfortable using his prowess and skills. The development of Zod was good in the way that he was potrayed a little stronger than Superman. The super scale damage was typical of Snyder and was a little taken too far, but it was definitely better than "spinning the world backwards to reverse time" crap. I won't be putting any spoilers here, for the sake of poor souls who mightn't have watched yet.
The story, Goyer's rendition was pretty good and could've done with a little better screenplay. As for the downside of the movie, it was Lois Lane through and through. I mean, what the hell man? She is like this Pullayar kovil (Vinayagar temple) appearing at every corner. It was an eyesore. You don't see Rachel helping Batman defeat scarecrow, do you? The whole point of Lois Lane seemed to be forced and quite unnecessary.
However, it was overall a nice experience and my personal opinion is that Henry Cavill might just be the best Superman yet. Definitely looks super cool in the suit. Looking forward to the Justice League movie, even more after reportedly Bale reprising his role of Batman. Do watch, at least for the 3D :)
P.S.: I don't miss the underwear.
P.P.S.: Hans Zimmer = God. What epic background score! :-o \m/

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