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WC Day

Posted on the 06 September 2017 by Kimeetay @Kimee_Tay

Yesterday was my significant other’s birthday! I’ll just call it WC Day since he doesn’t really like birthdays. WC turns 23 this year. As I’m writing this, I just realize that I have not blogged about my own birthday in March this year. Haha. I’ll do it soon!

On Sunday afternoon, WC and I went to Su’s place for a BBQ party. Su’s house was castle-like to me. So it was to celebrate his aunt’s, his dad’s and his brother’s birthday. And since WC’s birthday was around the corner, they pulled him in during the cake-cutting session. Haha.

BBQ at Su’s place was the grandest BBQ I’ve ever encountered to date. All I know about Su’s house was that occasionally WC goes there to hangout and kick his ass at 2K17. Well I got to hangout with them and watch them play 2K17 the other day and it was great the see them enjoying each other’s company. I do so envy their friendship.

Later that night, I joined WC’s family for dinner, sort of to celebrate his birthday. We had Thai cuisine at Yellow Spoon. WC and I were stuffed from the BBQ so we didn’t eat much during dinner. It was just a dinner to me, not really any celebration.

Su asked me “so what are you gonna do for his birthday?” I replied “honestly I don’t know“. It is difficult for me to buy him anything because WC doesn’t like surprises and he likes to research on items he wants/needs prior to spending any money on it. Here’s a flashback on the things I did on his previous birthdays.

The only time I ever sneakily bought him something was during his birthday in 2014. At that time he really needed a new wallet, and boy did I search high and low for something to suit his requirements. Haha. Eventually I found something and he’s still using it now. Score. I think I gave him some gummy bears too.

In 2015, it was the time when those explosive gift box thing was in trend. I knew he wouldn’t like ribbons, flowers and frills, so I made a Flash themed explosive box. Also just cause I had red stock paper with me. Haha. I did it in a rush but I think it turned out pretty good. And since we don’t have much photos together, I had to source for lovey dovey couple pics from Cony and Brown (characters from LINE). Thinking about it now makes me smile.

Can’t remember what I did for his birthday in 2016. Probably nothing just a wish.

So for this year, even though I’m home, I didn’t really have much time to think about it! Initially I wanted to create a personalised burger for him, but that would required a lot of planning and time. So I ended up inviting him over for dinner and cooking him Mac and Cheese. Haha. Something that won’t go wrong.

It was great that we got to have dinner (that I made) together and hangout for a bit on his birthday, also the actual day of the Hungry Ghost Festival (so he had to leave for home slightly earlier than usual). Haha. WC told me that although he received the least wishes this year, he felt the most celebrated.

I’m so glad to hear that. 🙂


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