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We Have a Playroom

Posted on the 16 October 2012 by Meltingmoments

You may recall that I was looking for inspiration to create a great play space for Dora. Well, I’m so excited that it is finally finished.

Originally, I wanted a red feature wall but once we painted it, it was just too bright and actually made the room seem dark. Hubby’s choice was perfect. It’s called Tapioca and it really calmed down the space and made it feel more light.

We have a Playroom

The other walls are a color called Cafe. It all works really well.

Hubby built some huge cupboards to house all of our junk stuff. They are ideal for hiding away some of our bigger items that we didn’t have a space for. They still need doors.

Here is the progression of photos:

1. No garage meant that this was our storage room (with pink walls).

We have a Playroom

2. Dora is just checking things out

We have a Playroom

3. First coat and already it’s too bright.

We have a Playroom

4. Ah, much cooler.

We have a Playroom

5. Tah dahhh! We have a playroom.

We have a PlayroomWe have a Playroom

Time to play.
We have a Playroom

It went from a room that’s door was always closed to a bright, fun space that Dora spends a lot of time in. The grown ups also reclaimed the lounge room!

Now I’m looking for some fun curtains and wall art to really complete it. Happy days!

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We have a Playroom

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