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We're Back!

Posted on the 27 February 2016 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog
Wow. What a holiday. 
Walt Disney World was in a word.. incredible! 
We'd never experienced anything like it before. We've been home for a few days now and whilst I'm still trying to recover from the jet lag, I am totally missing waking up in the happiest place on earth. And that Florida sunshine in February.. gosh, I am missing that too!  
We took so many photos and captured a great deal of footage and I can't wait to go through it all. I am so looking forward to re-living it over and over again and seeing all the moments of happiness in our faces again. We had such an amazing time and have made the most incredible memories. 
Thank you if you left comments on our photos via my social channels whist we were away. Lots of people left tips and advice and some have asked for some from me. I will be posting a blog post a week over the next couple of months with different themes around Walt Disney World such as packing, food, best things to do there for toddlers, what to do for 'me time', etc etc. :) I'll also be sharing our family video when I've edited all the clips together and making a post-trip Q&A where I'll answer any questions anyone would like to ask about going to Disney World. So if you have any please let me know. In fact, I actually have a few things lined up as honestly there's such much to talk about and I know a lot of families spend a long time planning for these sorts of trips. 
In between working on my Disney World content, I'll of course be posting my regular blog posts too! I'm excited to get back in to blogging after a week off and of course ultra excited to start going through my photos and making a start on writing my posts. But for now, first on the list is.. tackling my inbox!
We're Back!
We're Back!
We're Back! 

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