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We've Got It All For You: SM City San Pablo

Posted on the 13 February 2012 by Rewindnreplay @rewindnreplay
We've Got It All For You: SM City San PabloIt was only recently when I've realized how true SM's slogan is. Indeed, SM's got it all for you.
As I needed to renew my passport, I had to secure an NSO copy of my birth certificate and my parents' marriage certificate. I was dreading it since that would mean I have to deal with government employees again. I originally thought of getting one in NSO's branch office at the Makati City Hall. The main requesting area queue is relatively short but the long queue awaits you at the cashier. Good thing, my friend saw this SM Business Center in Megamall offering various government-related services such as NSO documents requests last week. The queue was short and I was able to request and pay for the documents in 15-30 minutes then I was told to come back in 4 days to claim it.
Last Saturday when I went home to our resthouse in Alaminos, Laguna, I was looking forward to see SM in San Pablo City, Laguna. It was a relatively huge mall in a province such as Laguna.

We've Got It All For You: SM City San Pablo

front parking space

What's so good about it... they have ample parking space, though most people don't own a car, but it's free! It reminded me of SM Baguio since it's similarly spacious and airy. The structure also enables light to come in from the side roof.
We've Got It All For You: SM City San Pablo
We've Got It All For You: SM City San PabloIt's a humble two-storey mall which offers basic necessities such as a department store (actually, the goods were pretty unique compared in Manila), supermarket, food court, cinema, together with other boutiques and specialty shops.

We've Got It All For You: SM City San Pablo

the smoking area is spacious and airy; and yes, there's a beer station and free wi-fi too!

What truly amazed me, actually a lot of things... for one, the public toilets are huge. It has many cubicles, doesn't stink and most of all they have tissue aside from the vendo machine. They have a breast feeding station and a business center as well. Another unique feature too is the designated smoking area. To top it all, all establishments don't use plastic at all! So much for the word 'all' :-) Kudos to SM City San Pablo and of course the entire community (okay... including the government) of Laguna for implementing such ordinance. 5 stars for discipline and compliance. :-)
We've Got It All For You: SM City San Pablo

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