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Wednesday 12.12.2012

Posted on the 26 August 2018 by Therealme

Last B.P. lecture. I was late. In the hall I waited from the back door alone later joined by 3 girls, a guy, and more guys.

There was no pause. I wanted to enter in A.2. A guy wanted too, but there was another one who was afraid. I’ve seen a lot of things including males with no courage. Afraid of authority, they think it’s the best not to dare, and with that they offend God.

Sarah came wanting to enter.
-Let’s split. – She suggested.
-I’ll enter. – I offered myself.
-Nick’ll enter. – She agreed.
-Should I say “Good morning”? – I asked.
-You don’t have to “Good morning”. First Nick, then me, then you. – The it girl said to the guy next to her.
OK. Done.

She sneaked to the last row while the professor was writing on the board. I went next to Nelson II. I rewrote from him.

Dave and Thomas were looking at me strangely. I WAS LATE, so what?

At the end the professor gave the list. Lots of students passed and signed although I was close. Аа, I was patient, but you know in a way they get what they deserved. I snapped: I grabbed the list while a random student was getting signed! Munin said to me:
-Let go of the list.
-You are going to tell me. – I replied.
I said to the guy who had it:
-Colleague please give it. I’m here.
Anyway he relented:
-Here you have it.
-Еее. – I reacted and signed.

I continued with Munin and the other Turk.

In the hall I asked the additional Math assistant where we’d have additional.

In lecture room 15 I sat next to Nelson II whom the it girl considered he had sat next to her (Marcus was gone). I took pictures of the pages I’ve missed from Nelson II.

I left with Nelson II who went hitchhiking.

Sandry and Willy passed over me without saying anything.

In town I saw our “Virg” (ex-classmate) and said “Hi” to her.

In Preevytip I went to the dentist who said “The faculty is a fuck-up”. What kind of fuck-up, to someone it means a lot.

On the waiting area Dean (Rob’s brother) called me:
-Come Nick to get baked.
I went at him. We shook hands. I was waiting, hoping and praying for the mines to come.

My ex-Maths teacher Yohnny left with the same taxi. He asked me what year I was and after he learnt I study Computer Studies in Stip, he told me he is uncle to the assistant Alison Sadler.

Home M. came and told me he would go to Stip the next day.

On Facebook I added Serhan Alkan as he was tagged with Munin.

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