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Weekend Update

Posted on the 24 February 2014 by Karaevs @KaraEvs

{one} On Friday Kyle and I dismantled our bedroom closet for phase 2 of our bedroom painting project. It needs some serious putty work done from the organizers that were hanging; whoever installed them must’ve been high on paint fumes, because the anchors are WAAY overkill. I’m hoping to get it painted tomorrow, but we’ll see. It will happen sometime this week, for sure.

{two} We also watched the Canadian Men’s hockey team take on the USA at the Olympics Friday morning, and I’d hate to rub it in America’s face, but HELL YES! I’m so proud of our boys for winning that game. It was intense and the USA has an extremely good team. I’m actually a little disappointed in the USA for their loss against Finland in the bronze metal game. It’s like the didn’t even try.

{three} On Saturday morning I took part in my first ever Total Barre class! There’s a lovely gal in Kamloops who’s going to soon be teaching Total Barre and she needed a test dummy class to work with, so myself and a handful of others were happy to give it a try! It was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to potentially taking more classes with her in the future. Who doesn’t want to get to pretend to be a ballerina and get a good workout at the same time? My legs and abs still hurt a little bit today.

{four} We went to Kyle’s mom’s place for dinner Saturday night since his birthday is coming up soon! (Friday!) Anytime I don’t have to cook dinner is a good time, and she made a delicious ham AND chocolate cake for dessert. I call that a win! Yay for birthdays :)

{five} Kyle and I woke up at 3:30 Sunday morning to catch the Olympic gold metal hockey game between Canada and Sweden. We bunkered down in the basement so we didn’t wake up Isla watching the game. With a little coffee, it wasn’t so bad waking up that early to cheer on our country. It was such a good game and I’m SO proud of all our hockey players for bringing home the gold in both men’s and women’s hockey! After the game Kyle made us an awesome breakfast and Isla eventually woke up too. We ended up being super productive in the morning, getting all our errands done before noon! By the time Isla went down for a nap at 1pm, it was time for us to take a power nap too. An hour was enough to refresh my energy and keep going until bedtime.

{six} I always felt so judgey towards the parents who post on Facebook about their kids peeing in the potty, but I had to be a total hypocrite yesterday when Isla actually went in her potty! She toddled towards the bathroom saying, “Pee?” but she’s always just wanted to just sit on her potty and not actually pee. I decided to amuse her, so we went in the bathroom and I took off her diaper, and after about 5 minutes of sitting, she actually went! It’s seriously such a proud moment and I feel so bad now for rolling my eyes at all the other moms who post that milestone on Facebook.

That’s all for today – how was your weekend?

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