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Weekly Wrap Up – Things I Forgot About Newborns

Posted on the 27 March 2014 by Meltingmoments

1. They are so teeny. When my little Moo was put in my arms, she just looked so tiny. When Dora visited the hospital for the first time after she was born, Dora suddenly seemed so big and grown up.

2. They are noisy, even when sleeping. They grunt, hiccup and backfire frequently. I am often woken up with a start when I here Moo make an odd noise.

3. They help keep nappy companies in business. The amount of nappies we are going through is insane! On some changes, we can go through three nappies! Our bin is so full. We used modern cloth nappies with Dora and will do the same with Moo from about three months old. I will feel a lot less guilty about my negative impact on the environment then.

4. They are amazing time wasters. By that I mean, I can waste hours gazing, snuggling and cooing over my newborn. I sometimes wonder where the day goes. Night time goes by a lot slower though!

5. They sleep a lot. Up to 17 hours a day. The other hours are spent drinking milk and filling nappies.

6. They pull some really funny faces. They go cross eyed, their eyes roll back in their heads and do what we call ‘poo face’. They are all totally cute faces.

Have I jogged your memory? What’s something you remember about newborns?

Sleeping Newborn

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