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What a Saturday

Posted on the 27 August 2017 by Kimeetay @Kimee_Tay

Long story short, I (somehow) managed to get myself a spot in the Elle x Kanebo Beauty Workshop which I had to pay the participation fee of RM 20.60 that entitles me a pair of tickets, and a Kanebo goodie bag worth RM 258.

WC (somehow) without asking much about the event agreed to go to this event with me.

Prior to the event, I assumed it was going to be in a hall with about 50 participants.  But when I arrived at the venue I was kinda shocked. Haha. Okay maybe I should’ve analysed the venue in more detail. Including WC and I, there were only less than 20 participants. And everyone was female!

From the moment I went in the room I felt so bad because WC decided to come with me. I didn’t make or force him to come but the fact that it was a setting that he dislikes just made me feel really bad. Initially he was reluctant to join me but he still ended up accompanying me. Thank you.

Because I myself was so awkward in that room alone. I knew no one, and I thought that there would be more participants so that I could just hide in the crowd. Plus we had no idea what the schedule was, which WC didn’t really fancy.

First there was yoga, WC didn’t join in at all and was using his phone. After the yoga session, the organiser came to me and told me “I know your friend is here to accompany you but if he could just try and join in“. Haha I was quite embarrassed la and tried to convince WC to just listen. No wonder the yoga lady looked so moody.

What I was expecting during the workshop, was really just WC sitting next to me and making joke and funny remarks at whatever the speaker was saying. But WC sort of sat behind me. Maybe I should’ve known what a workshop was.

Nevertheless, it was a good experience. I think Elle Malaysia is probably going to blacklist me from any events or contests in the future. Haha. If my mom was in town, I would’ve gone with her instead.

I really appreciated WC sitting in with awkward Kim. At the end of the event, WC told me that he won’t be banning this kinda event, but it would be better if there was a schedule for our reference.


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