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What Ashes Might Say

Posted on the 10 July 2015 by Smokeandminds @smokenminds

Watching various torcedores and torcedoras one gets to study details and sequences, subsequently coming somewhat closer to understanding why a good cigar costs a bit more. I have had the privilege of studying the movements of various cigar hand rollers live. In our modern age it is also possible to observe great masters like Norma Fernández Sastre at El Laguito, in Cuba. Her name will not ring a bell to most cigar smokers, but she is the creator and roller responsible for the Cohiba Behike. Watching her I cannot help but notice a huge difference between her movements and those of others I have seen. Her attention to detail, gentle and precise movements, specific steps, up until the pasting of the cap, set her clearly apart from others.

The way she meticulously looks for more leaves to finish the filler and chooses between different shapes and spots, makes me believe that the construction of this ash at the end of my second Behike is 100% her orchestration.

Near to final ash of a Cohiba Behike 56 / Leica D-Lux 4

Near to final ash of a Cohiba Behike 56 / Leica D-Lux 4

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