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What Fashion Designers Wear: Karl Lagerfeld

Posted on the 17 June 2011 by Lauramoodley

What Fashion Designers Wear: Karl Lagerfeld

For the maybe 3rd time, i have just finished watching the documentary Lagerfeld Confidential. A documentary film about the Chanel Front man Karl Lagerfeld and behind scenes of the fashion designers hectic life.

I like to watch this type of fashion documentary over and over because it reminds me of what im doing, why im doing it, what i should do, what i shouldnt and generally keeps me going but in a down to earth manner. This frank behind the sunglasses look at Lagerfeld is particularly good for this.

During the 1.5 hour doc, you get quick flashes of inside this creative superstars wardrobe, which is ever so intriguing. As you know I have been on a mission to bring to you a view into what designers wear when they are creating. A question that has burned in the back of my mind for years, and this year due to some investigating ive gotten some answers.

   What Fashion Designers Wear: Karl Lagerfeld

So Lagerfelds Style: Modern romantic, Gothic, Historical with a futuristic twist.

The designer owns enough jewelery to make me sick, including an abundance of rings in various styles all in silver…. and his wardrobe?…UH! to die for! Now here’s the part that I find most interesting; The Chanel head designer does wear other brands! The selection in his vast wardrobe includes Dior - Something that i would have thought impossible for someone in his prestigious position at the helm of one of the biggest names in fashion, to wear a competitors garment? Its incredible but as the man himself says, and I quote: “If you like fashion, you wear it”, simple as that! I love it, in one simple statement near the end of the film, the guy answers my ever burning question.

To go further and define his wardrobe is very difficult but I will try; He has a tendency to stick to the designers uniform Black (something which i will probably address in a video later) but not in a uniform way. He embraces metallics, he can accessorize like no other male i have ever seen, and what about those high collars, white pony-tail, perfectly tailored suits  and sunglasses? He never wears anything which over powers him, hes always in control of his image: Its brilliant, its theatrical, and lets face it, Its is iconic. How many of us didnt instantly recognize that coke bottle when we saw it? Exactly! So maybe some of those lovely men & Fashion designers out there can take a leaf from Karls legacy and be inspired to be daring.

Is it right for a designer to be as iconic as his designs? Why not? It works for him. It just goes to show his belief in his creations and his belief in himself, and lets admit it…none of us would argue with him!

 xoxo LLM

(Source: soundbites.typepad.com)

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