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What I Take Photos Of.....

Posted on the 19 April 2012 by Elizabethwix


The short answer is everything.


I don't go in cars very often, so crossing the 59th Street Bridge was something of an adventure. All that metal and odd angles....


and the fun of a rear view mirror


and ending up in Queens -- pretty much terra incognita except around Deniz's house.


This light up bill-board for a church seems much more what one would expect from a 1940's movie theater. The Grecian urns add a classical note.


Back in home teritory, such a symphony of wheels on 23rd Street. The star is the Moto Guzzi.


On 22nd Street a mysteriously ecclesiastical door almost invites you in and then doesn't. I like the colors.


The gardens below my window are greening up  -- note the deciduous pine tree behind the oregano.


This is my best picture from yesterday. The single flower got broken off the orchid I bought at Trader Joe's. The background is a piece of scrap paper from Robert's art table.

Things I never take pictures of:

the homeless

mad people

children (except my own family)

sports cars


Apparently Amazon thinks my poem book  is a 'hot new release'!

I'm astounded.


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