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Posted on the 28 May 2011 by Travelingdivas

Hi everyone! 

WOW! Its been a while since we have posted! So we will update you on the past few weeks! As you may know, a few weeks ago we spent a few days in Tampa, Florida. The ocean water had such a comfortable temperature, 85 degrees, like bath water. We enjoyed some time in the sun and relaxed while we were there. When we came back home from Florida, we were invited to go to the Newark Peace Education Summit, which was different, and we all learned new things! The next day, we decided to go to 

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and we loved the great times we spent there. The resort we stayed at was an all-inclusive, which of course means that everything is included within the package that we purchased (food, room, all drinks- including alcoholic beverages). The weather was nice, about 95 degrees (and sunny). Back home, all along the east coast it was rainy the entire week! We got lucky finding a place to spend a few days in the sun!!

The first day when we arrived in Cabo, we spent the night just adventuring around the resort. The water and the background of the rocks made an unbelievable backdrop for the photos we took. The four of us all went in the Pacific Ocean!

The next day, after we had breakfast, we spent a few hours at the beach and pool. Kelly and Rose both spent two hours in the pool doing water aerobics, followed by a water balloon fight. Kelly and Rose were both on the same team (Cheaters) and both dominated the (Nasty) team. The entertainment crew jokingly said whichever team won, would spend a week at an all-inclusive resort, unfortunately, it was a lie. Right after, we took a water taxi to a little beach by the rocks, which is called Lover’s Beach. the locals said that if we go the four of us, we come back 5. HAHA! 

Too bad we missed Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens, and Nikky Hilton in Cabo! 

For the remainder of the time we spent in Cabo, we just enjoyed the 20 foot waves, palm trees, ocean breeze, and of course the Pina Coladas. On our way home, we had a connecting flight in Houston, Texas. From Cabo to Houston, and from Houston to Newark, NJ, Kelly was upgraded to First Class. Lucky girl! We arrived back home around 2 am and went home, unpacked (if you don’t unpack when you first come from a trip, it will take you longer to do so), and went to sleep! A few hours later, we were invited for our neighbor’s bridal shower in a nearby town. We loved the brides’ creativity and originality with the different, unique games we played. For example, each table had to have a model and the team together had to create a bridal gown for the model, made solely out of toilet paper. SO much fun, can’t wait for the wedding in August! We have 3 upcoming weddings in the next 6 months!

We relaxing at home for a few days, and then we decided to take a spontaneous short trip to Ocean City, MD.  We stayed at the Hilton Suites Oceanfront in Ocean City. We loved our spacious oceanfront suite! Compared to the temperature of the water in Cabo and in Tampa, the water temperature is about 65 degrees. Much colder! However, the pool outside of the hotel had a very warm temperature, so the divas took a swim, shockingly, the 3 of us! We made our own breakfast in our suite, because it included residential-sized appliances (dishwasher, microwave, stove/oven, fridge, etc.) After so many hours in the pool and grabbing some sun in our lounge chairs, we walked on the boardwalk to the famous, “Thrasher’s Original French Fries.” No ketchup is allowed on their french fries, only apple cider vinegar and salt. The 3 of us shared a large portion, we haven’t had it in 3 years, it was $9.95, it was so worth it! Then we got dressed for dinnertime. We went to the Ristaurante Antipasti, the chef, Fausto Dicarlo, has his restaurant in the top 5 in the country. We enjoyed the food, and took a photo with Fausto himself. Last time we were there in 2008, we took a photo with Fausto after returning from the Dominican Republic, and sent in our photo along with a letter. When we went there this year, we saw our photo, right above Jennifer Lopez’s autograph! We were honored to be on the wall! We rushed back to our room to watch the finale of American Idol- the winner was Scotty McCreery! We had predicted Pia Toscano, Lauren Alaina, and Scotty McCreery! So at least we were 2/3 correct! On our last day in Ocean City, we went to the pool and checked out of the hotel. Then on our way home, we wanted to check out Bethany Beach, Delaware! We loved it! Next time we are going to spend a night there, they have everything, shopping and Beach! They even had a Thrasher’s French Fries as well! 

Now we are looking forward to 1 major vacation, and a few more mini-getaways! And of course, meeting celebs along the way!

Now we are watching the UEFA Champions League (Barcelona VS. Manchester United) Let’s go MAN U!

That is all for now, hope you enjoyed reading this update on our travels! 

Stay tuned for more fun from the divas!


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