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What Should Be Understood In Relationships Part II: Voluntary Change

Posted on the 11 April 2012 by Kaythie @kathgail

The more we get serious in our relationship, the more we should care about each other’s feelings. If we want the love to last, we must learn how to be unselfish and forget about being egoistic. Generally we are emotionally needy like all the “have’s” in a relationship. But sometimes being excessively in need will make us self-absorbed. We tend to expect more and when we reached on the unmet emotional needs, we get more of the negative feelings that shoot the blame to our partner. That must not be the case. It must’ve the sense of sensitivity at some point by expanding our understanding on our partner’s feeling as well.

When we love, we give all of our best to be appreciated and valued to the highest extent. But there are times when we still don’t get that feeling that will give us the sense of security especially the assurance of not to be abandoned. Yes, it is dreadful when you have loved someone but you still get deserted just because of how much you care about them. But life is all about adjustments and change. When we make our choice to be part of someone, expect to change.

Things won’t be the same before you commit yourself. Learn what makes the both of you hurt and try to complement in between. Recurring pain will destroy what you have founded even if that pain is just like the paper cut’s. But I tell you, when small things come up together, it is enough to cause your relationship fall apart just before you know it. It may be hard to make a change but it is worth a try.

All of us have the power to love more like nobody could have imagined. So if you really want your special person to be that someone whom you want to build magnificent castles in the air, then give him or her all that power so that there won’t be any reason for your partner fall back from loving you more.”

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