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Posted on the 05 June 2015 by Rielouise @MarieLouiseNoonan


And nature bickers
A beguiling sight
An eagle in flight
Against the blue-black
Backdrop of a summer storm
Rendered helpless
As its hands reach out
And haul me in
Is this some kind of sin?
A sun, as pale as buttercups
Spreads itself out
Across a new blue sky
For you always said
That the rain helps you grow
And you know that there
Will always be another rainstorm
And then another rainbow
God will provide and it is
With this revelation

  • That I hug myself inside
    I could walk forever
    Feet clad in these
    Sturdy ruby-red shoes
    The droplets softening the edges
    Of the sharpest thorns
    I drip disdain or so they claim
    and polishes them smooth as tortoise shells.
    Life breaks hearts,
    makes more room for the mishappen
    and the odd, for one of every emotion
    tumbled in like washer clothes,
    the colours and the whites.
    unseparated, and the black velvet skies cry
    diamonds that arrange themselves to spell out rosebud.
    t sounds as if it is letting up, rustling.
    A suicide who needs to be here. As they die
    As we discard out earthly bodies
    There is no need to linger here
    There is no need, no hunger here
    And it maybe that there is a single escape
    That suffering can be enlightening
    That to be alive is to accept
    The inevitability of pain, of loss, of death
    The heart inhabits the earth
    And when the planet quakes
    Its inhabitants ache

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